Is Artificial Turf Flammable?

This year has been a rough one for California when it comes to wildfires. There was a total of over 50 wildfires in the Golden State alone, some of which took place in the Greater Sacramento Area. Those affected by the fires were greatly concerned about homes, properties, and safety, and many people began to take precautions.

Most Sacramento and California residents have increased, or double checked their homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure their property is protected in some way. But still, many people are wondering how they can further protect their homes in case of a fire.

Fire-prone commercial areas such as airport landing strips have been using artificial grass for years because of its fire resistant properties, and now many Sacramento homeowners understand the benefits as well and have installed artificial grass as a precaution. Artificial turf is non-flammable and will not catch ablaze. In situations of extreme heat or fire, the synthetic grass blades will melt, meaning it creates a barrier to prevent the flames from spreading on the ground.

Most homes and properties have natural grass or sod in their yard, which actually can be quite detrimental. Whether or not the natural lawn is appropriately maintained or taken care of, it is flammable and is bound to further spread fires to nearby homes. Unhealthy or dead grass is dry, making it easier to catch on fire. Well-maintained grass lawns typically have fertilizers and chemicals in order to be healthy, luscious, and green. Unfortunately, fertilizers and chemicals are flammable and can actually escalate fires.

Artificial grass is an ideal landscape alternative, especially if the green-look of natural lawns is desired. Regardless if there is a fire near your home, your Sacramento artificial grass lawn will still look as new as the day it was installed.

SGW Sacramento proudly offers high-quality artificial grass products that are non-flammable, non-toxic, and lead-free. Our products are ideal for any type of installation and are incredibly durable. We serve and distribute to Rocklin and the Greater Sacramento Area. Give us a call at (916) 797-0682  to get started.

Artificial Grass in the Sacramento Winter

So what happens to artificial grass in the winter? Does it freeze in the off-chance it’ll snow in Sacramento? Or will it trap water and create a flooded yard in the rain? The answer is no. Artificial grass is made to be extremely durable in the blazing hot summer sun or the freezing winter weather.

In the rare occurrences of snow in Sacramento, the artificial grass blades are frost-resistant which means they won’t freeze or break. When the snow melts, simply give the lawn a little raking to restore the artificial grass back to its original state.

On average, the Greater Sacramento Area gets about 2 inches of precipitation in the winter months, and a concern many residents have is how quickly their synthetic turf will drain? Believe it or not, the drainage rate of an artificial grass lawn is actually superior to a natural lawn. Synthetic turf has a perforated backing which allows liquids to flow straight through, whereas natural lawns trap water and become muddy.

This winter, fight back against overwatered dead lawns with a synthetic grass turf installation! SGW Sacramento is proud to serve homeowners and contractors of the Greater Sacramento Area and Northern California with top-notch synthetic grass products and supplies. Just give us a call today at (916) 797-0682 and we’d be more than happy to help!