Artificial Grass Installations for Commercial Properties

Homes all over Sacramento have switched to artificial grass as a way to save time and money on maintenance while keeping a beautifully lush lawn year-round. However, the benefits of artificial turf aren’t restricted to residential properties. Commercial properties and businesses can benefit significantly from replacing their existing green space with synthetic grass. By purchasing and installing wholesale turf, you can impress potential clients or customers with an evergreen appearance while saving time and money on landscaping maintenance. If you’re a property manager or business owner, there are several reasons you should consider making the switch to artificial turf for your commercial property today.

Leave a good impression

A well-kept landscape leaves an excellent first impression on those visiting your business. Lush green grass will make your office look much more attractive to potential clients or tenants than weeds, overgrown grass, and brown patches. Our products feature dual-tone blades to give your green space a full, healthy, and realistic appearance while the uniform pile height ensures that the synthetic grass always looks neat and well-maintained.

Low maintenance & lower bills

Although the area will always look pristinely maintained, artificial turf actually requires virtually no maintenance. There’s no need to mow, edge, or neaten the synthetic blades, so you can eliminate the cost of gardening services. There’s also no need to water artificial turf to keep it green, so you can say goodbye to costly sprinkler systems and sky-high water bills. Overall, between the lowered water bill and the elimination of maintenance services, artificial grass in your commercial space will save you money right when it’s installed.

Be eco-friendly (it’s good marketing)

By purchasing synthetic turf for your commercial property, you will be saving water and reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Pollutants emitted by gas-powered lawn mowers and other maintenance tools will be reduced due to the elimination of gardening services, and the amount of water conserved each year by your property alone is thousands of gallons. Being able to help the environment in any capacity is great, but it also benefits your company’s image as well! By using artificial turf, you can advertise your business or commercial building as eco-friendly and environmentally responsible – a claim that never drives away clients!

Don’t worry about foot traffic

Our products come in a range of pile heights and face weights, which means we can provide anything from luxurious, lightweight grass to extremely durable turf that can withstand even the highest amounts of traffic. By choosing a turf product that’s durable enough for your property’s needs, you’ll no longer have to worry about constant walking and sitting on your grass causing dead, brown patches. Enjoy luxurious green grass all year, and allow your guests to enjoy it too without any worry.

Some of our most popular commercial turf products include our Diamond Series and our Everglade Series. They allow for high foot traffic and stay beautifully green all year long without sacrificing an authentic appearance. If you’re a property manager or installer looking to purchase artificial turf for your Sacramento commercial property, call SGW Sacramento. We’re one of Sacramento’s top artificial turf distributors, and our team of friendly and highly-trained experts can help guide you in purchasing the perfect product for your company’s needs. Call us at (916) 797-0682 today for more information or to request a free product sample.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass in Rainy Season

As the spring showers begin, many homeowners start to wonder whether their artificial turf can stand up to a downpour without suffering any damage. Although California doesn’t experience any particularly harsh weather, Sacramento still experiences an average rainfall of over 18 inches per year. Although many California residents enjoy synthetic grass for its drought-resistant qualities, synthetic grass lawns can provide numerous benefits during the rainy season as well.

The blades of grass in artificial turf are made with a naturally waterproof polyethylene material. This allows the blades to dry quickly and remain undamaged after the rain has passed. Our turf also has a porous backing which allows for rainfall to flow through, rather than trapping the water on the surface as a natural grass lawn would. With synthetic turf, you experience no pooling on the surface of your grass, meaning no mud or flooding like rainy seasons of the past. The lack of mud with artificial turf means that there will be no muddy footprints or pawprints tracking their way through your house. Since synthetic turf is so durable as well, wet grass blades being tracked in are a worry of the past, too.  

Our turf products have a drainage rate over 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard – more than enough to accommodate California weather! Our ultra-efficient drainage system means that water will flow freely out into storm drains instead of flooding your yard. Your artificial grass will be dry right away, so you and your family can play outside as soon as the sun emerges.

Heavy rain and snowmelt can also cause real grass lawns to get soggy, which allows mold, mildew, and other allergens to develop in your yard. Artificial grass has a dry surface and an efficient drainage system, which means that your lawn stays more sanitary and your family allergy free year round.

Say goodbye to muddy footprints, flooded yards, bald patches, and allergens. With artificial turf, your grass will look healthy and lush all year long, regardless of how wet or dry the season is. After a quick rake, your grass will look as good as new even after the worst monsoons – no reseeding or repairing ever! Whether you’re enduring a Sacramento rainy season or anticipating the drought of a California summer, artificial grass is your solution for a low-maintenance, perfectly manicured lawn 365 days a year. For more information on which turf product would be right for your home, call SGW Sacramento at (916) 797-0682 today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be happy to offer advice or free product samples to you or your contractor.