Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Doggy Daycares

If you run a dog kennel, doggy daycare, or anywhere else that hosts four-legged friends, artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution for maintaining a safe and clean environment with little maintenance. Pet-friendly businesses all over Sacramento are switching to synthetic turf so they can improve the visual appeal of their property while giving their pups somewhere they’ll love to run and play. If you’re an installer or a business owner looking for doggy-approved landscaping, here are just a few reasons why pet turf is always the perfect choice.

Artificial Turf is Extremely Durable

One of the main concerns of any dog kennel or pet play area is inevitably going to be durability. Pets can be rough on grass, creating dead patches and digging holes until your green space isn’t so green anymore. However, synthetic turf’s polyethylene material never turns brown regardless of how often your dogs run on it or use it as a bathroom. The triple-reinforced backing with tuft bind technology also ensures that pets won’t rip any blades out of the turf or dig holes. The unparalleled durability of SGW’s artificial grass products makes it perfectly suited for pet-friendly businesses and dog runs.

Reduce Allergens with Synthetic Grass

One reason people switch to synthetic grass for their homes is because it reduces allergens in their yard and helps prevent hayfever. Hayfever, a grass allergy, can actually be present in dogs as well as in humans, so this factor can benefit your dog kennel as well. Since artificial grass doesn’t have the same high pollen count as natural grass, dogs can run and play without any bad reactions.

Artificial Turf is Easy to Clean

Pet owners love artificial grass because it’s extremely easy to keep clean and odor-free. Where natural grass can become stinky from dried waste and other pet odors, synthetic grass is easy to keep fresh and sanitized. Turf’s ultra-efficient drainage capabilities mean that you can quickly rinse away any liquid waste with a hose. Pet-friendly products like antimicrobial infill also work to trap ammonia from pet waste and neutralize odors before they reach your nose. Turf deodorizers are also available to apply as needed, for the ultimate convenience. Simply spray it over your artificial grass landscaping to neutralize any scents and keep your turf looking and smelling pristine. Just because you take care of wet dogs doesn’t mean your outdoor space has to smell like one!

If you want to improve the appearance of your dog kennel, daycare, animal hospital, or other pet-friendly establishments, artificial grass is the ideal solution. It provides a lush, evergreen appearance that is non-toxic, lead-free, and safe for all pets. Best of all, it’s extremely low-maintenance and easy to keep clean; a must for any business owner! If you’re ready to install pet turf in the Sacramento area, stop by SGW Sacramento. We offer a comprehensive range of artificial grass products, including installation accessories that are made specifically for pet use. For more information or to request a free sample, give us a call at (916) 797-0682 or stop by today.

Choosing the Right Infill for Your Artificial Turf Lawn

If you’re planning a new synthetic grass installation for your Sacramento home or business, there’s a good chance you’ve already inspected different artificial turf products, talked to a few different wholesalers, and even gotten an estimate or two. But there’s another major consideration you need to make while planning to install artificial turf: the infill. Infill is the material added to artificial grass that nestles in between the turf blades, supporting them and keeping them from laying flat. If synthetic turf is allowed to become matted, it can damage the blades and impair the lawn’s drainage. Therefore, your turf should have the right kind of infill to improve its appearance and extend its lifespan. We have three different types of infill product available for you to choose from at SGW Sacramento.

Silica Sand

Made from naturally-occurring quartz, silica sand is most often used in putting greens and showpiece grass, or areas with low amounts of foot traffic in general. Despite its hardiness, sand offers a smooth and cushioned infill base for artificial grass. This is because the slightly irregular surfaces of the granules keep them from settling and compacting, which also helps maintain drainage. When properly distributed, silica sand infill can keep the individual blades of synthetic grass standing upright and keep puddles from forming on the surface.


Zeofill is made from mineral granules known as zeolites. Zeolitesconsisting of aluminum, silicon, and oxygenare commonly used in industrial applications like water purification and petrochemicals. Their ability to capture and neutralize chemicals makes them ideal for artificial turf, particularly in dog kennels and the homes of pet owners. This is because Zeofill can neutralize the ammonia in pet urine, which is the substance responsible for the unpleasant smells urine leaves behind on synthetic turf. Zeofill also naturally recharges itself from rainwater, so it does not need to be cleaned, replaced, or deodorized (although it can still work alongside deodorizing products). Like other forms of infill, Zeofill is compression-resistant, making it less likely to compact and affect the lawn’s drainage.


Envirofill is designed to be a non-toxic and bacteria-free infill solution. Made up of green silicone dioxide granules, Envirofill is very popular for synthetic turf lawns where the transmission of bacteria is a concern, such as playgrounds and sports fields. Using Microban’s antimicrobial technology, Envirofill creates a sterile environment that prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing or reproducing in synthetic grass. Despite being so tough on germs, Envirofill is still a comfortable infill solution for children to play on, and it stays cooler under the sun than other types of infill.

If you’re still not sure which infill solution is right for you, give SGW Sacramento a call. We provide Sacramento homeowners and contractors with the finest artificial grass supplies, accessories, and installation tools in the industry, allowing anyone to have a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. We can also teach you proper artificial turf installation techniques through our monthly DIY classes. If you’d like to learn more about the artificial grass products and tools we offer or would like to receive free samples, give us a call at (916) 797-0682 today.