Summer Water Conservation with Synthetic Grass

There’s no more expensive time of year than summer: from soaring electric bills due to increased A/C use to higher water bills due to landscaping needs. Paying for summer activities, summer day care, higher utility bills, and more can all really add up by the time the summer comes to an end. One easy way to cut costs and do you part to help the environment is to conserve water during the summer (and year-round). Artificial grass landscaping has become extremely popular throughout Sacramento due to its evergreen beauty and its low-maintenance, drought-resistant nature.

Artificial grass is great for homes that want to be eco-conscious and save money. During the height of summer, natural grass needs to be watered daily, if not twice a day, in order to stay lush and green. Artificial grass, however, never needs to be watered in order to preserve its color. Manufactured with UV inhibitors, the polyethylene turf blades are resistant to sun fading and never turn brown due to weather, a lack of watering, or any other lack of maintenance. You can keep a lush, vibrant green lawn all year long with minimal maintenance and minimal water usage.

But how much water can you actually save with artificial grass? At a typical residence with about 750 square feet of synthetic grass, homeowners conserve approximately 22,000 gallons of water per year. That translates to hundreds of dollars of savings on water bills and a quick return on investment. Nationwide, synthetic grass sports fields alone conserved more than 3 billion gallons of water in a single year in 2010. Imagine how much that figure that grown in the last 10 years given the rapid rise in popularity of synthetic grass for commercial and residential use. When you switch to artificial grass for your property, you’re not only saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year, but you’re also doing your part in making a large environmental impact and conserving billions of gallons of water every year.

When you do need to use water on your lawn, it comes equipped with an ultra-efficient drainage system that makes your water usage more efficient. Synthetic grass may need to be rinsed down with a hose from time to time in order to clear away debris or pet waste. When this happens, you can use minimal water to thoroughly clean your lawn, and no water will pool on the surface of the blades. All of our synthetic grass products are installed with an ultra-efficient drainage system underneath the turf. This system can drain more than 30 inches of water per hour per square yard, and it’s all flushed away from your property and into storm drains with unparalleled efficiency. The lack of maintenance needs also means that you can eliminate the use of lawn mowers, fertilizers, and other toxic byproducts that contaminate your local water supply. Artificial grass not only conserves water, but it also helps to keep that water clean as it re-enters your local ecosystem. 

If you want to conserve water year-round and keep those sky-high summer costs down, make the switch to artificial grass for your Sacramento home today. Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento offers market-leading artificial turf products in dozens of varieties that are guaranteed to suit every household’s need. We even offer an unparalleled 15-year warranty on all of our landscape turf products, so you can have even more peace of mind. To find out more about our products or to receive free product samples, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682. We would be more than happy to help you achieve the perfect installation in whatever ways we can.

Product Spotlight: Desert Elite Series

Homeowners in warm climates know the challenge of growing healthy plant life. Whether it’s flowers, trees, or grass, stark temperature changes and sweltering heat often make it all but impossible to maintain a vibrant outdoor space. With SGW Sacramento’s Desert Elite artificial grass, however, you can enjoy a lush, evergreen lawn all year long with no need for daily watering or extensive maintenance. Your vibrant, evenly green grass is guaranteed to make you the envy of your Sacramento neighborhood.

The Everlast Desert Elite series is composed of two individual turf products: Desert Elite and Desert Elite Light. Both of these products are created with dual field green and olive green blade tones paired with a brown thatch for an ultra-realistic appearance. Desert Elite Light is perfect for areas with light to moderate foot traffic, such as front lawns. It has a face weight of 45 ounces and a pile height of 1.50 inches, making it the ideal choice for a beautiful showpiece lawn. Desert Elite has a 60-ounce face weight and a pile height of 1.75 inches, so it’s ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic. No matter what your installation’s needs are, the Desert Elite series has you covered.

Both products in the Desert Elite series feature an innovative Diamond Delustered fiber blade shape that provides enhanced durability and a soft touch that is ideal for kids and pets. Each blade is manufactured with UV inhibitor technology, so our Desert Elite turf will never fade, regardless of how much Sacramento sunlight it’s exposed to. Revolutionary tuft bind technology binds the turf blades to the backing, with each blade triple reinforced to provide the most resistance to pull force. The perforated backing also enables the synthetic grass to have ultra-efficient drainage. The Desert Elite series can drain 30 inches of water per hour per square yard, so pet waste and rain are never a problem.

For a convenient landscaping solution that saves time, money, and effort while transforming your yard into a personal paradise, choose Synthetic Grass Warehouse Desert Elite artificial grass for your next Sacramento project. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we provide an unmatched 15-year warranty on all of our landscape turf products. To learn more about Desert Elite or one of our many other synthetic turf products, call Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento at (916) 797-0682. We would be happy to discuss our available products or provide free product samples.