Commercial Uses for Synthetic Grass Landscaping

More Sacramento business owners than ever are seeking eco-friendly landscaping solutions that are simultaneously functional and beautiful. It may sound like a tall order, but artificial grass landscaping is the perfect combination of all three. By switching to synthetic turf for your business, you can save time and money on maintenance while maintaining a visually stunning exterior. Here are a few businesses that can benefit most from choosing artificial grass installation.

Dog Kennels

If you run a dog kennel, veterinary office, or any other type of animal facility, then you know how impossible it is to maintain pristine landscaping with four-legged friends running around. Natural grass will turn brown almost instantly from the ammonia in pet urine, and dogs love digging holes in any soil they can find. Synthetic grass, however, is extremely durable and resistant to pull-force, making it the perfect solution for big dogs. Its synthetic polyethylene material also guarantees no fading or turning brown from pet waste. You can finally maintain a beautiful, green outdoor space for you and your animals to enjoy worry-free.


Health clubs and gyms are taking advantage of artificial turf’s dual aesthetic value and functionality in order to create a workout space that can accommodate intense workouts and meet customer expectations for visual appeal. Synthetic grass is designed to be highly durable, so it can withstand long periods of high foot traffic while resisting wear and tear. High-quality turf products won’t develop holes, tears, or discoloration, enduring better than rubber flooring or natural grass. It can also be installed with an eco-friendly foam layer which reduces pressure on the joints and the impact of falls. Our artificial grass can also be installed with an antimicrobial infill which prevents the spreading of germs and harmful bacteria, a prevalent concern for gyms of all types.

Office Buildings

Synthetic grass is also a perfect solution for landscaping surrounding office buildings. Businesses choose artificial turf for their landscaping because it remains evenly green and constantly lush, impressing any and all clients that stop by. No matter how many employees walk over the grass, you’ll never suffer from brown patches that may leave a negative impression on visitors. In addition to aesthetics, it also helps cut down on landscaping costs, thereby reducing your company’s monthly expenses.

If you’re a business owner or property manager looking for the ideal landscaping solution for your commercial enterprise, look no further than artificial grass installation. At SGW Sacramento, we can help you find the right turf product for your business’ needs and equip you with everything you need for the perfect installation. To get in touch, give us a call at (916) 797-0682.

How Artificial Grass Increases Your Property Value

Most Sacramento homeowners make the switch to artificial grass because they want the immediate (and long-term) benefits that it brings while they reside in the home. From enhanced functionality to increased aesthetic value, there are many reasons why homeowners love synthetic turf. However, artificial turf isn’t just an aesthetic benefit for those living in the house; it’s also a huge financial benefit for the homeowner when it comes time to sell. Artificial grass landscaping, due to its numerous visual and functional benefits, can increase your property value and help you earn more for your home than you spent on the synthetic turf installation.

Improved Curb Appeal

Any exterior renovation project that enhances your home’s curb appeal will increase its property value. Homeowners are going to be willing to spend more on a well-kept house that they visually enjoy. It’s estimated the landscaping boosts a home’s value by approximately 13 percent, so having a perpetually well-maintained lawn through the benefits of synthetic grass installation will increase what a buyer’s willing to pay for your home. Just as a home’s interior is painted and staged to entice buyers and show them the home’s potential, a well-manicured front lawn can offer the same benefits at your first open house. 

Lower Costs & Maintenance

Another reason that buyers are willing to pay more for a home with synthetic grass is due to maintenance benefits. Modern homeowners know the benefits of synthetic grass, from its reduced water bills to its significantly lower maintenance requirements. These advantages could motivate a buyer to offer more for the home, since it offers them more value than a home with high-maintenance natural grass. Lack of lawn maintenance and lower utilities could likely be a major selling point, allowing you to sell your home faster and for a higher price than you would with dry, dead grass. Even if you don’t plan to sell right away, the immediate value of artificial grass helps homeowners achieve a full return on investment after just two years on average.

Whether you’re looking to flip a house in Sacramento or just add value to your forever home, artificial grass will help your property reach its full potential. Through boosted curb appeal and enticing low maintenance requirements, synthetic turf can increase your property value while making your life easier. To find out more about synthetic grass installation or view available turf product options, call Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento at (916) 797-0682 today.