Product Spotlight: TigerTurf Diamond Pro Fescue

If you’re looking to transform the appearance of your residential or commercial establishment’s landscape, artificial grass installation is the choice alternative. Synthetic grass continues to surge in popularity throughout North America because of its aesthetic appeal, sustainability, and low maintenance requirements. No matter what you’re seeking in terms of your space, our line of artificial turf products are great for any landscape.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s TigerTurf Diamond Pro Fescue is a  premium-quality landscape option, and the perfect synthetic turf product for your home or business. This product showcases field green and olive green grass blades that are paired with a brown thatch layer for added realism. At a pile height of approximately 1.875 inches, Diamond Pro Fescue provides a highly-durable landscape that can withstand moderate to heavy traffic, while providing a lush appearance year-round. With an approximate face weight of 75 ounces, this product is engineered with heat-reflective color pigments and advanced UV inhibitors that reduce surface temperature, so that you can enjoy your beautiful turf on those extra sunny days. 

SGW Sacramento guarantees that your TigerTurf Diamond Pro Fescue artificial grass will meet your expectations and remain beautiful for years to come. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by an industry-best 15-year warranty. At SGW Sacramento, we take pride in providing all of our clients with the highest quality artificial turf products available. 

To learn more about TigerTurf Diamond Pro Fescue and its benefits for your next residential or commercial installation, call us today.

Why Sacramento Loves SGW Turf

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is the leading artificial turf distributor in North America. Locally, the success is due, in part, to the trust that Sacramento residents, contractors, and business owners have in the unmatched, superior quality of SGW’s artificial grass products.

Individuals and installers across the country are looking for efficient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional lawns and finding it in SGW’s line of synthetic grass products. These are a few reasons why Sacramento residents love SGW’s synthetic turf.

The Latest in Artificial Grass Technology

Only the most advanced materials and polyethylene fibers are used to create SGW’s synthetic grass products, resulting in the most beautiful and lifelike lawns available in the industry. Our artificial grass is created in a modern facility that incorporates the best in design, materials and manufacturing technologies. These cutting edge technologies, which are adopted into our products, ensure that our artificial turf will never fade, and our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by the environmentally-friendly backing used in all of our synthetic turf products. We believe in our technology so much that we stand behind it with a 15-year warranty. 

Extremely Durable and Resilient Synthetic Turf

SGW’s synthetic turf products are engineered to last. Our line of artificial grass is manufactured to endure all levels of foot traffic, and stand strong against the elements, and anything else that comes its way. Our market-leading artificial turf products are made with the highest-quality polyethylene yarn and have endured rigorous testing for environmental factors such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture effects. Our manufacturing process also utilizes advanced equipment to replicate the turf’s potential usage, namely foot traffic, in order to create the most durable and resilient synthetic grass products on the market. 

The Widest Selection of Premium-Quality Synthetic Grass Available

Our synthetic grass warehouse is stocked with artificial grass that’s perfect for residential, commercial and industrial uses across Sacramento. We offer a wide selection of colors, textures and synthetic turf varieties to choose from. No matter whether your landscape project will be large or small, we have the artificial turf that’s right for you, and at price points that can fit anyone’s budget. Our artificial grass products are cheaper to maintain than natural grass, saving you or your customer’s a lot of money and time!

SGW Sacramento is a proud supplier of the latest in artificial turf technology. If you’re a Sacramento resident or contractor looking for an artificial grass wholesale source, Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento has you covered. We carry everything you need to perform top-of-the-line installations. All of our synthetic grass products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the industry’s best warranty. As your synthetic turf wholesale one-stop shop, we guarantee that your new artificial grass landscape will last for years to come. If you’re interested in a quote on synthetic turf or learning more about our products, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682.