Why Synthetic Grass is Best for Dog Parks

Spacious and reliable outdoor spaces for dogs are a bit of a rare sight. That’s why many communities are considering adding dog parks to help accommodate this need. Communities planning out their dog parks face a tough decision on the type of surface that is best for their outdoor space. While natural grass is certainly an option for some communities, it isn’t a viable choice for many others because of its drawbacks, including dead spaces, matting, and the accumulation of mud and debris. An artificial turf dog park, on the other hand, is the ideal environment for dogs of all types and sizes to play in. 

Less Maintenance Needed 

Natural grass surfaces require extensive maintenance to keep their appearance and functionality. Maintenance activities like regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing are necessary for your natural grass dog park. This is all avoidable if you choose to install synthetic grass for your dog park. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t require the same level of exhaustive maintenance to keep its functionality and stunning appearance. With a synthetic grass dog park, your community will save time and money while still providing a clean, enjoyable setting for pets.

Safe for Pets

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t require the use of lawn chemicals. The dogs in your community will be able to play to their heart’s content in a synthetic grass dog park without having to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins. At SGW Sacramento, we offer our high-quality Pet Turf system, which provides a safe and non-toxic environment for dogs to play in.  

Usable All Year Long

No matter the time of year, artificial turf will always function at a high level. The same cannot be said for natural grass. The state of a natural grass surface is often determined by the current weather season. Cold weather can harden natural grass and make it unpleasant and unsafe for your pets to play on. Extremely hot weather overheats natural grass, turning it into an unbearable surface for dogs. None of this is a concern when you install an artificial grass surface for your dog park. Synthetic turf will keep a consistent, playable surface, no matter what the weather looks like. 

No Odors or Smells

Natural grass dog parks can get messy over time and attract unflattering odors that will drive many away. Many synthetic grass options, like those offered at SGW Sacramento, feature stellar drainage systems that prevent any build-up of odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew from occurring. Pet owners won’t have to hold their noses and can breathe freely whenever they’re out at the dog park. 

Ensure a safe, clean, and fun dog park by implementing synthetic grass. Choose world-class synthetic grass products from a trustworthy wholesaler like SGW Sacramento to make sure that your dog park operates at the maximum capacity. At SGW Sacramento, we offer a diverse range of artificial turf products that are fully endorsed by Rocklin and Sacramento residents, who can speak to their quality. Every one of our artificial turf products is non-toxic, lead-free, and looks and feels just like real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer with Artificial Turf

Many property owners are increasingly turning to artificial turf as their preferred surface because of its low-maintenance features, such as the reduced need to mow, fertilize, or use pesticides on your lawn. It is well known that synthetic grass promotes a hygienic and clean environment throughout a property. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, synthetic turf can maintain cleanliness inside the home as well. Here’s how artificial turf can keep the inside of your home cleaner for longer. 

Eliminates Mess from Pets

Pet owners know all about the mess that their furry companions tend to make, especially when they’re on natural grass surfaces. Pets will often track mud and dirt into your home after they are done playing on natural grass. This doesn’t happen with artificial turf. Artificial turf has no mud, which means that you won’t see any muddy paw prints on your floor or carpets. Synthetic turf’s clean surface will ensure that both your home and pet stay clean, even after playtime. At SGW Sacramento, we offer a durable Pet Turf system, which provides a safe and clean environment for you and your furry friends. 

No More Tracking Things from Your Yard

Pets aren’t the only ones to track things into a home. Owners of natural grass surfaces will also bring in mud, dust, and other debris through their shoes. Because natural grass becomes slick and muddy when wet, debris tends to stick to the bottom of shoes, which is how they are commonly tracked into homes. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is a clean landscaping surface that doesn’t collect any dust, mud, or debris that can be easily tracked. Its efficient drainage system prevents the surface from ever getting too wet, which means that nothing will get attached to the bottom of your shoe. 

No More Toxins or Chemicals

A regularly maintained natural grass surface can undoubtedly look and feel great. However, the process of maintaining such a surface entails the use of chemicals and pesticides. Similar to dirt and debris, these harmful chemicals can be tracked into your home, exposing you and those living with you to dangerous toxins. Artificial turf prevents this from occurring, as it does not require any use of lawn chemicals to keep its stunning appearance, creating a safe, low-maintenance lawn for your children, pets, and the environment.

Promote a more hygienic home environment by adding an artificial turf installation. High-quality synthetic grass products from a dependable wholesaler like SGW Sacramento ensures that your home stays clean and free of any mess. Find an entire lineup of stellar artificial turf products at SGW Sacramento that has been approved by Rocklin and Sacramento residents for their quality. All of our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and look and feel just like natural grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.