Four Gardening Chemicals Eliminated by Synthetic Turf

Natural grass lawns require extensive maintenance and care to preserve their appearance and performance. As part of this need for maintenance, many resort to using lawn care chemicals. However, these chemicals can be a danger to the health of your pets, children, and the rest of your family and friends. 

With synthetic turf, lawn care chemicals are not necessary. Synthetic turf is a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t need much work to maintain its stunning aesthetic and high functionality. Homeowners with artificial grass won’t have to worry about gardening chemicals and their dangers. 


Fertilizers are typically used to encourage natural grass growth. Unfortunately, many contain harmful chemicals like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

When placed in physical contact, fertilizer can cause allergic reactions and nausea in certain instances. Fertilizer can even burn your grass and leave yellow patches throughout your surface if over-applied. 

Synthetic turf’s blades are specially constructed for an ideal pile height, meaning that you’ll never need it to grow! 


Anybody who owns a natural grass lawn will tell you that weeds are a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can pop up and spread quickly, causing further problems for your lawn. 

Herbicides are the preferred method of homeowners for killing weeds that have risen to their lawn’s surface. The issue with herbicides is that they can stick in your soil for an extended period, leading to prolonged exposure. Several scientific studies have linked exposure to herbicides to chronic illnesses. 

Synthetic grass eliminates weeds in a much safer manner. You can have a weed barrier installed along with your artificial turf during the installation process that will prevent weed growth from occurring on your lawn.


Natural grass provides an environment ripe for pests like ticks, fleas and mosquitoes because of the bodies of water that are frequently present throughout the surface. Pests are particularly dangerous for pets as they can become severely sick if bitten.

Those who own a natural grass lawn will often turn to pesticides as a way to rid their surface of any pests. There have been many cases of pesticide poisoning due to overexposure.  

Pests are no issue with artificial grass. Artificial grass features efficient drainage that prevents prolonged water buildup anywhere on its surface. This stops pests from making their way onto your synthetic turf and eliminates any need for pesticides. 


Mushroom growth is no strange sight when it comes to natural grass lawns. Bacteria and mold thrive in natural grass because of its damp and humid environment. 

Fungicide is a popular solution used to inhibit the growth of fungi and their spores. Why spend money on fungicide when you can simply have a synthetic grass surface that does the preventative job itself without you needing to get involved? 

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How Artificial Grass Can Create a Drought-Friendly Landscape

As any California and Sacramento resident can attest, it can be tough to maintain a lawn while dealing with prolonged periods of drought and erratic rainy weather. These conditions have caused many lawns to die out and have forced homeowners to drastically increase their water usage for maintenance purposes. The best way to ensure that your landscaping can withstand drought is by installing artificial grass. Artificial turf holds numerous benefits that make it a superior option to natural grass when dealing with a drought.  

Reduced Water Usage

Natural grass lawns around 800 square feet can use up to 44,000 gallons of water a year. This astounding number shows just how much water is needed to maintain a natural grass surface.

Artificial grass lawns use much less water because they’re able to keep their stunning appearance, no matter how hot and dry the weather can get. 

Stunning Appearance

There’s nothing better than having a drought-friendly landscape that still looks great. While natural grass lawns can be beautiful if properly maintained, the commitment and amount of resources needed to achieve such a look can be too much for many, especially during a drought.   

Artificial grass gives homeowners stunning landscaping that will capture the eye of anyone passing by and is also ideal during times of drought.  

Eco-Friendly Artificial Turf

The increased severity of droughts over recent years has made many of us more conscious about the environment and the significance of our actions. 

Synthetic grass is one of the most eco-friendly surfaces available and will lessen your impact on the environment. 

Artificial turf is low-maintenance and doesn’t require the use of harmful lawn care chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides to preserve its appearance. 

Artificial grass also doesn’t require mowing, as its fiber blades never grow in height. This prevents using a lawnmower, a heavy polluter even more prolific than newer cars. 

Increased Savings

Even without a drought, natural grass lawns can be quite expensive to maintain. From lawn care chemicals to other costly maintenance activities, homeowners are forced to pay a fortune just to preserve the look and function of their natural grass surface.

With reduced water usage and lessened maintenance, homeowners can save high costs by transitioning from natural grass to synthetic turf. 

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