Artificial Turf ROI Breakdown

Not too long ago, homeowners and business owners throughout Sacramento were skeptical about installing artificial grass on their properties. This was largely due mainly to misinformation about its benefits. 

Through years of innovation and technological advancements, artificial turf has redefined the industry by offering an aesthetically-pleasing landscape, and aiding in conserving water while offering low maintenance when compared with traditional grass care and costs. Moreover, synthetic grass is also kid-friendly and pet-safe.

Water conservation alone makes switching to synthetic turf a worthwhile decision, as artificial grass allows homeowners to save more money in the long run. It takes about .62 gallons of water to irrigate a square foot of a traditional grass lawn. With the average lawn being around 700 square feet, it would take about 436 gallons of water each time you water your lawn. That amounts to over 150,000 gallons a year! When taking into account the number of gallons wasted on watering traditional lawns, the results are eye-opening. If more homeowners decided to install synthetic grass lawns, the conservation benefits and savings would be phenomenal.

In addition, it’s estimated that homeowners spend about $214-$322 on lawn maintenance and services. These figures include weeding, trimming, and pesticide treatments. It goes without  saying that these are very high expenses. 

To break it down further, it costs about $.004 for a gallon of water. It would cost about $1.75 a day to water your 700 sq/ft lawn (436 gallons). Multiply this cost by 365 days and it would bring the total to about $635 a year on just watering your lawn. Add maintenance and service costs of about $300 a month, and you’re at about $4,235 per year.

The average install rate to install an artificial turf lawn is about $9 per square foot. If you want to install a 700 square foot lawn, the total costs would be about $6,300. In reality, it would take less than 2 years to get a return on your artificial grass investment.

Switching to artificial grass removes the burden of maintenance costs and irrigation services, and provides homeowners and business owners with a beautiful landscape that requires little to no maintenance. At SGW Sacramento, we provide our customers with the highest-quality products that can fit any budget, and we offer an unparalleled 15-year warranty on all of our synthetic turf products for your peace of mind. To find out more about our artificial turf products or to receive free product samples, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682. We would be more than happy to help you achieve perfect synthetic grass installation in whatever ways we can.