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What to Look for in Your Synthetic Grass Warranty

An increasing amount of property owners are turning to synthetic grass and its numerous benefits. Stunning aesthetics, increased savings, and optimal functionality are just some things that an artificial turf surface can provide for homes and businesses. However, to maximize what your synthetic grass can do for you, property owners must choose a high-quality synthetic […]

Why Synthetic Grass is Best for Dog Parks

Spacious and reliable outdoor spaces for dogs are a bit of a rare sight. That’s why many communities are considering adding dog parks to help accommodate this need. Communities planning out their dog parks face a tough decision on the type of surface that is best for their outdoor space. While natural grass is certainly […]

Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer with Artificial Turf

Many property owners are increasingly turning to artificial turf as their preferred surface because of its low-maintenance features, such as the reduced need to mow, fertilize, or use pesticides on your lawn. It is well known that synthetic grass promotes a hygienic and clean environment throughout a property. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, synthetic turf can […]

5 Decor Ideas to Accentuate Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

Owners of artificial turf lawns are always looking for ways to improve their surface and help it stand out. The flexibility of artificial grass makes it a surface that can be used in a variety of ways and feature different items. Fortunately, there are countless ideas and designs out there that will greatly enhance the […]

What to Check Off Your List When Purchasing Artificial Grass

Every day, more residential and commercial property owners are choosing to replace their natural grass and make the transition to artificial turf. Whether it’s to experience the visual benefits, lessen the amount of maintenance work needed, or install a play area for pets and children, there are many reasons why synthetic grass is becoming an […]

5 Things People Get Wrong About Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has emerged as an increasingly popular landscaping option for residential and commercial property owners. More and more property owners are beginning to see the visual and functional benefits of artificial turf and are eager to experience them for themselves. However, there are still many people out there who are reluctant to make the […]