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Four Reasons Your Bar or Restaurant Will Thrive With Artificial Turf

Running a bar or restaurant isn’t easy. The food industry is fast-paced, competitive and ever-changing.  Installing artificial turf is a simple, cost-effective way to help your restaurant thrive. Synthetic turf technology has evolved tremendously in recent years. Today’s artificial turf is incredibly lifelike, durable and low-maintenance.  These qualities are appealing to restaurant owners for several […]

Five Water-Friendly Ways Artificial Turf is Beating the California Drought

As California continues its drought, home and business owners are constantly looking for ways to conserve water. Still, many are hesitant to replace their natural grass with artificial turf. Synthetic turf has come a long way. Today’s turf technology allows contractors to create eco-friendly landscapes that look remarkably similar to natural grass. These are five […]

Four Reasons Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Playgrounds

Installing a playground for your family is a fun and exciting project. These days, the options for play structures are virtually limitless – you can truly bring your kids’ unique visions to life. The surface you choose to install underneath your playground is just as important as the structures themselves. Artificial grass is an excellent […]

How Do You Know Which Artificial Turf Is Best for Your Business?

Landscaping plays a huge role in your business’s first impression. Installing artificial turf is one of the best ways to create beautiful outdoor areas that are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. However, not all artificial turf is created equally. Landscaping renovations are a significant investment, and you deserve to get the most out of your synthetic grass […]

Four Factors That Will Make Your Artificial Turf Last

Artificial turf is gaining popularity in Rocklin and Sacramento. Synthetic grass is lower-maintenance and more water-conscious than natural grass, making it an excellent choice for desert climates like California.  While artificial grass varieties may look similar, not all turf is created equally. Artificial turf installation is an investment – make sure to work with a […]

How to Measure the Right Amount of Artificial Turf for Your Project

Whether you’re installing artificial grass yourself or hiring a contractor, figuring out how much synthetic grass you’ll need is a critical first step. Luckily, the math required is incredibly easy. Even if it’s been decades since your last geometry course, you can knock out this part of the artificial turf installation process in no time.  […]

Five Major Mistakes to Avoid During DIY Artificial Turf Installation

More and more Sacramento homeowners are swapping out their natural grass for artificial turf. Modern synthetic turf is incredibly lifelike, so it’s easy to see why it’s becoming one of the most popular drought-tolerant landscaping materials.  Many choose to hire an artificial grass installation contractor, but choosing to install synthetic turf yourself is also an […]