What to Look for in Your Synthetic Grass Warranty

An increasing amount of property owners are turning to synthetic grass and its numerous benefits. Stunning aesthetics, increased savings, and optimal functionality are just some things that an artificial turf surface can provide for homes and businesses. However, to maximize what your synthetic grass can do for you, property owners must choose a high-quality synthetic turf product that fits their needs. Although making the right choice can be challenging, property owners can make it easier on themselves by looking at the warranty that comes with their artificial turf product. A strong warranty is a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence behind their products; a weaker warranty, or a lack thereof, may be a sign of inferior quality. But what does an effective warranty look like, and what does it entail? 

Coverage of the Artificial Turf Warranty

When examining a synthetic grass warranty, you need to take a long look at what it covers. Property owners want an artificial turf product with a warranty that has comprehensive coverage for factors like materials, fading, and staining. If a synthetic turf company is willing to offer this type of coverage, they are sure of the quality and reliability of their product. Meanwhile, manufacturers whose warranties are much more limited in coverage indicate that their product may not be all that dependable. At SGW Sacramento, our extensive warranty covers defective materials and quality. We will repair or replace the affected area at no cost to you or issue a credit equal to the cost of the synthetic grass material.

Duration of Coverage

The longer a synthetic grass warranty is, the greater the chances that it is a quality product you can count on. Artificial turf companies that offer world-class products like SGW Sacramento will provide warranties that last up to 15 years. In addition to warranty length, prospective turf owners must also be wary of the value depreciation of the products they are considering. Less-than-reputable synthetic grass manufacturers will depreciate the value of a product quickly and base their warranty coverage on their devaluation of the product. In a few years, your artificial turf warranty will drop in value, rendering it virtually worthless. Any company that does this knows that their product will not hold up over time.

The Support behind the Warranty

Although you don’t plan for it to happen, things can go wrong with your turf, which means you’ll need to file a claim. A synthetic grass company’s willingness to help you with your claim can reveal a lot about how much they genuinely support their product. A company that makes things difficult on its customers and forces them to jump through various hoops is one that you shouldn’t work with. With a trustworthy artificial turf distributor like SGW Sacramento, you will have the support of a customer service team that will happily answer your questions and concerns. 

You won’t have to worry about the quality of your artificial turf when you shop at SGW Sacramento. SGW Sacramento is home to the finest synthetic grass products available in the industry. We are the leading artificial turf distributor for Rocklin and Sacramento residents who highly recommend our world-class lineup. Our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and look and feel just like natural grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

Eliminate These 4 Unknown Pet Hazards Using Artificial Grass

Those who own a natural grass surface know that while it serves as a space for your pet to play in, it can also be quite dangerous for your companion. Various factors can threaten the health and well-being of your pet, but pet owners can avoid these hazards by making the switch to artificial turf and still providing a safe and fun play area for their furry friends. At SGW Sacramento, we’d like to show you four common pet hazards that you can eliminate with artificial grass.


Natural grass lawns can attract ticks and fleas that can latch onto your pets while they are out playing. Ticks and fleas can cause scratching, scabs, and many other serious issues for your pets. Tick bites are especially dangerous because they can transmit Lyme disease, which threatens the long-term health of your pet. Artificial turf features short blades of grass that never grow, which means that ticks and fleas won’t be able to hide out anywhere. Synthetic grass also doesn’t retain moisture, preventing ticks from coming in and spreading.

Pools of Water

While puddles may be fun to play in for pets, they’re actually a nesting ground for pests and viruses, making them hazardous to your pets’ well-being. Pet owners don’t have to be concerned about puddles when they have artificial grass. At SGW Sacramento, our turf products feature efficient drainage systems that don’t allow for any moisture or water buildup. 

Grass Seeds

Grass seeds are more than just a minor inconvenience for your pet. They can be quite sharp and can pierce your pet’s skin and potentially even their eyes. When mistakenly ingested, grass seeds can even cause internal injuries and require surgery to remove. With artificial turf, grass seeds won’t be found anywhere on the surface, meaning that pet owners won’t have to worry about grass seeds bothering their companions anymore.

Lawn Care Chemicals

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t need lawn care chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and weedicides like natural grass does. Natural grass requires the use of these chemicals to maintain its appearance and functionality. These chemicals, however, can expose your pet to toxic residues that can negatively affect their health. By switching to artificial turf, you can keep your pets safe from any toxic lawn care chemicals. Artificial grass’ synthetic surface means that you won’t need to use these chemicals to maintain its look and function. 

Eliminate common pet hazards by transitioning to artificial grass and ensuring a safe, fun environment for your companion. You can find excellent synthetic grass products like world-class pet turf at SGW Sacramento. We are the preferred artificial turf distributor for Rocklin and Sacramento residents who believe in our lineup of synthetic grass products. Every one of our artificial turf products is non-toxic, lead-free, and looks and feels just like real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

Why Synthetic Grass is Best for Dog Parks

Spacious and reliable outdoor spaces for dogs are a bit of a rare sight. That’s why many communities are considering adding dog parks to help accommodate this need. Communities planning out their dog parks face a tough decision on the type of surface that is best for their outdoor space. While natural grass is certainly an option for some communities, it isn’t a viable choice for many others because of its drawbacks, including dead spaces, matting, and the accumulation of mud and debris. An artificial turf dog park, on the other hand, is the ideal environment for dogs of all types and sizes to play in. 

Less Maintenance Needed 

Natural grass surfaces require extensive maintenance to keep their appearance and functionality. Maintenance activities like regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing are necessary for your natural grass dog park. This is all avoidable if you choose to install synthetic grass for your dog park. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t require the same level of exhaustive maintenance to keep its functionality and stunning appearance. With a synthetic grass dog park, your community will save time and money while still providing a clean, enjoyable setting for pets.

Safe for Pets

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t require the use of lawn chemicals. The dogs in your community will be able to play to their heart’s content in a synthetic grass dog park without having to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins. At SGW Sacramento, we offer our high-quality Pet Turf system, which provides a safe and non-toxic environment for dogs to play in.  

Usable All Year Long

No matter the time of year, artificial turf will always function at a high level. The same cannot be said for natural grass. The state of a natural grass surface is often determined by the current weather season. Cold weather can harden natural grass and make it unpleasant and unsafe for your pets to play on. Extremely hot weather overheats natural grass, turning it into an unbearable surface for dogs. None of this is a concern when you install an artificial grass surface for your dog park. Synthetic turf will keep a consistent, playable surface, no matter what the weather looks like. 

No Odors or Smells

Natural grass dog parks can get messy over time and attract unflattering odors that will drive many away. Many synthetic grass options, like those offered at SGW Sacramento, feature stellar drainage systems that prevent any build-up of odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew from occurring. Pet owners won’t have to hold their noses and can breathe freely whenever they’re out at the dog park. 

Ensure a safe, clean, and fun dog park by implementing synthetic grass. Choose world-class synthetic grass products from a trustworthy wholesaler like SGW Sacramento to make sure that your dog park operates at the maximum capacity. At SGW Sacramento, we offer a diverse range of artificial turf products that are fully endorsed by Rocklin and Sacramento residents, who can speak to their quality. Every one of our artificial turf products is non-toxic, lead-free, and looks and feels just like real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer with Artificial Turf

Many property owners are increasingly turning to artificial turf as their preferred surface because of its low-maintenance features, such as the reduced need to mow, fertilize, or use pesticides on your lawn. It is well known that synthetic grass promotes a hygienic and clean environment throughout a property. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, synthetic turf can maintain cleanliness inside the home as well. Here’s how artificial turf can keep the inside of your home cleaner for longer. 

Eliminates Mess from Pets

Pet owners know all about the mess that their furry companions tend to make, especially when they’re on natural grass surfaces. Pets will often track mud and dirt into your home after they are done playing on natural grass. This doesn’t happen with artificial turf. Artificial turf has no mud, which means that you won’t see any muddy paw prints on your floor or carpets. Synthetic turf’s clean surface will ensure that both your home and pet stay clean, even after playtime. At SGW Sacramento, we offer a durable Pet Turf system, which provides a safe and clean environment for you and your furry friends. 

No More Tracking Things from Your Yard

Pets aren’t the only ones to track things into a home. Owners of natural grass surfaces will also bring in mud, dust, and other debris through their shoes. Because natural grass becomes slick and muddy when wet, debris tends to stick to the bottom of shoes, which is how they are commonly tracked into homes. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is a clean landscaping surface that doesn’t collect any dust, mud, or debris that can be easily tracked. Its efficient drainage system prevents the surface from ever getting too wet, which means that nothing will get attached to the bottom of your shoe. 

No More Toxins or Chemicals

A regularly maintained natural grass surface can undoubtedly look and feel great. However, the process of maintaining such a surface entails the use of chemicals and pesticides. Similar to dirt and debris, these harmful chemicals can be tracked into your home, exposing you and those living with you to dangerous toxins. Artificial turf prevents this from occurring, as it does not require any use of lawn chemicals to keep its stunning appearance, creating a safe, low-maintenance lawn for your children, pets, and the environment.

Promote a more hygienic home environment by adding an artificial turf installation. High-quality synthetic grass products from a dependable wholesaler like SGW Sacramento ensures that your home stays clean and free of any mess. Find an entire lineup of stellar artificial turf products at SGW Sacramento that has been approved by Rocklin and Sacramento residents for their quality. All of our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and look and feel just like natural grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

5 Decor Ideas to Accentuate Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

Owners of artificial turf lawns are always looking for ways to improve their surface and help it stand out. The flexibility of artificial grass makes it a surface that can be used in a variety of ways and feature different items. Fortunately, there are countless ideas and designs out there that will greatly enhance the look of your artificial turf. Here are five decor ideas to help accentuate your synthetic grass lawn.

Eye-Catching Furniture 

Artificial turf lawn owners can make a bold statement by implementing colorful eye-catching furniture to go with their surface. While having furniture on top of artificial turf isn’t a new idea, choosing furniture with unique visuals will make your lawn look much more interesting and engaging to the eye. For those who already have furniture on their synthetic grass and are on a tight budget, you can make smaller additions like colorful pillows, which can achieve a similar effect.

Go Green With Plants

When we think of the ideal lawn, we often imagine a lush, green surface. Artificial turf already achieves that ideal visual on its own with its vibrant green aesthetic. Why not add a bit more green to your synthetic grass lawn by placing some plants in it and creating a more natural feel to it. The aesthetics that plants bring will serve as a great complement to your synthetic turf surface. The next time you have a chance, visit a garden center and pick out some plants that will add both greenery and beauty to your lawn. 

Fire Pit

Create a unique visual and make things cozier for your family and guests by adding a fire pit to your synthetic grass lawn. Fire pits work just as well with synthetic turf as they do with natural grass. There are plenty of fire pit options available that are all good for promoting a warm and welcoming environment. With a fire pit, your artificial grass lawn will be a great place to hang out, especially during starry nights. 

Patio Deck

Although unconventional, adding artificial turf to your patio deck is an enticing option that should be considered by all homeowners. Like artificial turf, patio decks are quite versatile and feature a plethora of designs that can accommodate any need. A patio deck is also a wonderful complement to synthetic grass as the two work well together. A patio deck will allow you and your guests to enjoy your stunning artificial turf lawn. 

String Lights

If you’re looking for something that won’t occupy too much space on your lawn but will still create a fun ambiance, string lights are the perfect addition for you. Nothing beats the vibrant and lively visual of hanging lights during nighttime. Hanging lights are an affordable way to give your synthetic grass lawn an inviting and warm appearance. With string lights, you’ll want to be around your lawn more often just to take in the beautiful sights.

While you’re contemplating how to make your lawn stand out more, why not consider adding new artificial turf? Brand new synthetic grass products from a dependable and trustworthy wholesaler like SGW Sacramento will take your lawn to the next level. We offer a diverse lineup of artificial turf products that have been praised for their quality by Rocklin and Sacramento residents. Every one of our artificial turf products is non-toxic, lead-free, and looks and feels just like real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

What to Know about Installing Artificial Turf in Small Spaces

A common misconception about artificial turf is that it can only be implemented in large yards and spaces. This is not the case as artificial turf is a flexible surface that can be installed inside and outside of a home and in even the smallest spaces. When executed well, synthetic grass in a smaller space can be functional and visually stunning. For those with limited available space on their property, here’s everything you need to know about installing artificial turf in small spaces. 

Why Artificial Turf is Great in Small Spaces

Property owners look to implement artificial grass in smaller spaces because it works well, even with limited room. The versatility of synthetic turf allows it to be used in many different ways in small spaces. Those interested in installing synthetic grass in smaller areas also won’t have to worry much about maintenance. Artificial turf is a long-lasting surface that doesn’t require extensive maintenance to keep its stellar look and functionality.

Artificial Grass Ideas For Small Spaces

  • An Artificial Turf Putting Green: An artificial turf putting green is an efficient use of space that will provide endless fun for those of all ages and interests. Those with a passion for the sport of golf will love being able to work on their game from the comforts of their own home. Meanwhile, those who don’t quite share the same affection for the game will still find excitement in a synthetic grass putting green. Artificial turf putting greens are also perfect for family and friends who prefer to watch and support their loved ones practicing and playing their favorite game.
  • A Playground for Kids: Why not utilize your limited space to create a place where your kids can play? An artificial turf playground serves as a safe playing surface where your children can have fun without fear of getting injured. Unlike natural grass surfaces, artificial turf doesn’t harden when the weather gets colder, and it never gets wet enough to become slippery due to its excellent drainage system. All the hazards normally found with natural grass are not a concern with synthetic turf.

No matter how much space you have or what the size of your yard is, artificial turf is the perfect addition to any property. Whether it’s a putting green or a playground, SGW Sacramento features the best synthetic grass products in the industry that are guaranteed to satisfy. Rocklin and Sacramento residents can attest to the comprehensiveness and quality of our lineup of products. All of our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and closely resemble real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample

What to Check Off Your List When Purchasing Artificial Grass

Every day, more residential and commercial property owners are choosing to replace their natural grass and make the transition to artificial turf. Whether it’s to experience the visual benefits, lessen the amount of maintenance work needed, or install a play area for pets and children, there are many reasons why synthetic grass is becoming an increasingly popular choice. However, because of synthetic turf’s versatility and the vast number of products to choose from, selecting the right artificial grass option that best fits you can be a difficult process. If you’re a property owner who has decided to make the switch, here’s what to consider when purchasing artificial grass.

How Will You Use It?

Before purchasing your artificial turf, ask yourself what primary purpose it will serve. That answer will help determine the type of synthetic grass that best works for you. Those who want to implement synthetic turf for a backyard children’s play area will want something like SGW Sacramento’s SGW PlayScapes system that establishes a safe and fun environment for your kids. Meanwhile, pet owners who want artificial grass that is most suitable for their furry companions should purchase a product like our durable pet turf system that ensures a hygienic and enjoyable setting.

The Appearance of It

Ideally, you want an artificial grass surface that looks good and complements the appearance of your property. From different shades of green to various patterns, synthetic turf has many designs and looks that can be implemented. Give deep consideration to the aesthetic that you want to achieve and select an artificial grass choice that will help get it done for you.

The Quality of the Artificial Turf

Property owners who want a beautiful surface that will serve them for many years will need to buy high-quality artificial turf that is tough and long-lasting. Stellar synthetic turf products that are proven to be reliable can help ensure a successful installation and increase the likelihood of having a well-functioning surface. When purchasing artificial grass, choose from a wholesaler that offers world-class artificial grass options like SGW Sacramento. 


Most artificial grass products will come with a warranty upon purchase. However, the length of the warranty will likely vary amongst your options. Some synthetic turf products will come with longer warranties that are often between 10-15 years, while others will have ones that are shorter in length. When considering your artificial grass options, pay attention to the warranty being provided. Higher-quality artificial turf products will typically have lengthier warranties while less reliable options will have shorter ones. At SGW Sacramento, our products are backed by a 15-year warranty because we’re confident in their longevity and their ability to meet whatever need is asked of them.

Ultimately, when choosing where to purchase your artificial grass, there’s only one logical choice that can address all of your needs. SGW Sacramento is the leading supplier for all synthetic grass products because we are a dependable and trusted wholesaler. Our excellent lineup has earned us praise from clients across Rocklin and Sacramento, who know that we can be relied upon to help with their landscaping projects. All our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and look and feel just like real grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

5 Things People Get Wrong About Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has emerged as an increasingly popular landscaping option for residential and commercial property owners. More and more property owners are beginning to see the visual and functional benefits of artificial turf and are eager to experience them for themselves. However, there are still many people out there who are reluctant to make the switch to synthetic grass, either due to a lack of information or misconceptions about it. Here are five things that people often get wrong about artificial turf.

It Doesn’t Look Good

Property owners want their property to be visually interesting. However, some property owners may be apprehensive to make the switch to artificial grass because of the misconception that synthetic turf isn’t visually appealing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Artificial turf is a beautiful surface whose lush and green appearance makes it a stunning sight to behold. Any property with synthetic turf installed will visually benefit from it.

Your Pets Won’t Like It

One thing stopping some property owners from installing artificial turf is a fear that their pets won’t enjoy the surface as much as they do with natural grass. We’re here to tell you that both pet owners and their furry companions share a love for artificial grass. Synthetic turf is not only the perfect surface for pets to play freely and openly, but it is also a low-maintenance landscaping option, making it easy for pet owners to clean up afterward. Artificial turf provides a fun and hygienic environment for your pets.

It’s More Costly Than Natural Grass

Fears over the cost of synthetic grass are ultimately unfounded. While the cost of the initial installation of artificial turf may surpass that of natural grass, artificial turf will be the more cost-effective alternative over time. This is because artificial turf requires much less maintenance work than natural grass. Maintenance activities like regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing are not needed, which will save costs and time for property owners.

It’s Messy

You won’t have to worry about working hard to keep your synthetic turf clean like you would with natural grass. Artificial grass is a hygienic landscaping surface whose qualities make it easy for property owners to preserve its cleanliness. High-quality artificial turf, such as the products offered at SGW Sacramento, features effective drainage systems that help prevent the accumulation and buildup of bacteria and odors. 

A Lack of Creativity 

Another common misconception about synthetic grass is that it is an unimaginative surface that is limited in its applications. While artificial turf is commonly linked to front lawns, it is a versatile surface that can be used in a variety of ways. From synthetic grass backyard play areas to putting greens and rooftop gardens, there’s no limit to what can be achieved with artificial grass. Property owners can implement artificial grass anywhere in and around their properties. 

Enjoy all of the benefits that artificial turf brings today by getting in touch with SGW Sacramento. We offer an extensive and stellar lineup of products that can meet any artificial grass need. Rocklin and Sacramento distributors, installers, and homeowners can all attest to the excellence of our products and services. Our artificial turf products closely match the look and feel of natural grass and are incredibly durable, making them some of the best in the industry. This durability is why we offer a 15-year warranty that guarantees your artificial turf against defective materials or workmanship. To see why so many have placed their trust in us, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682.

Incorporating Artificial Turf in Your Next Home Landscaping Project

Homeowners are always looking to improve the function and aesthetic of their property, and the best way to do it is with artificial turf. Artificial turf is a beautiful, low-maintenance surface that will elevate any space. While synthetic grass is often linked with front lawns, its versatility allows for it to be used in different ways to great effect. If you’re a homeowner planning out your next home landscaping project, here are some ideas for incorporating artificial turf in and around your property. 

A Backyard Children’s Play Area

Those with children know that it can be difficult to find a place for them to play in that is safe, fun, and clean. An artificial turf children’s play area is the perfect solution to this issue that will allow your kids to have fun without concern over safety or cleanliness. At SGW Sacramento, our SGW PlayScapes system is ideal for children of all ages and sizes because it provides endless entertainment while reducing the chances of injury. Every one of our synthetic grass products features a variety of recycled foam padding that can cushion falls so that your loved ones can play to their hearts’ content.

An Artificial Turf Rooftop Garden

For the majority of those living in the city, a front or backyard garden simply isn’t an option. With artificial turf, a stunning lawn is possible even for city residents. Artificial turf allows property owners, who don’t have sufficient yard space, to utilize their rooftop area as a place for their garden. For those concerned about the level of commitment required to sustain such a project, don’t be. Artificial turf rooftop gardens are much cleaner and require less maintenance than natural grass lawns. 

A Synthetic Grass Poolside

Liven up your poolside by adding artificial turf to it. Synthetic grass is unlike any other design element out there and will add a unique aesthetic to a poolside, allowing for it to stand out from the crowd. Unlike other landscaping surfaces, you also won’t have to worry about pool water causing a mess with synthetic grass. Most artificial grass products like the ones offered by SGW Sacramento feature effective drainage systems that can prevent the buildup of any puddles, spores, or bacteria.

Backyard Putting Green

A backyard synthetic grass putting green is the perfect landscaping project for those who enjoy golfing. With such an addition, golfers will be able to work on their putting game from the comfort of their homes. At SGW Sacramento, we offer affordable professional-grade putting greens with creative undulation and design. Our putting greens can be customized to accommodate any size, shape, or terrain on residential and commercial properties. 

No matter what artificial turf design you have in mind for your next home landscaping project, work with SGW Sacramento to ensure the best results. We offer the most dependable synthetic grass products available in the industry. Rocklin and Sacramento artificial turf distributors, installers, and homeowners appreciate the incredible quality of our products and services. Our synthetic turf looks and feels just like real grass and is built to last, which is why we offer a 15-year warranty that guarantees your artificial turf against defective materials or workmanship. To see why so many have placed their trust in us, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682.

Red Flags That Tell You it’s Time to Replace Your Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is a durable surface that is built to last for years. It can withstand heavy use and even the toughest conditions while still maintaining its stunning aesthetic and functionality. However, like all surfaces, artificial turf will begin to lose its integrity at a certain point and cease to function as it should. When this occurs, you’ll need to replace it with a brand new synthetic grass surface. But how exactly can one tell when their synthetic grass has reached this state? Here are some red flags that tell you it’s time to replace your artificial grass.


Although artificial turf can be a strong and enduring material, it’s still susceptible to damage in areas like its seams. In most cases, artificial turf should last for years, but the damage sustained because of extreme weather or fires can threaten to drastically shorten its lifespan. If certain areas of your synthetic turf have melted or have charred, you’ll need to seriously consider replacing your artificial turf completely. 

Loose Inlays and Seams

During the installation process, artificial turf is secured through seams and inlays. However, the adhesive that holds the seams and inlays in place can weaken over time. This poses a risk to the safety of your pets and children who can accidentally fall and hurt themselves because of the compromised integrity of your synthetic grass. Once you see that something is wrong with your seams or inlays, we recommend immediately looking into replacement options. 


The color and quality of artificial turf can wane over time due to continued exposure to sunlight and extreme weather. While synthetic grass has various properties to combat and protect itself against such threats, persistent wear and tear can negatively impact the quality of your turf. If you notice that the color of your turf has begun to fade, this could be a good time to transition to a new synthetic grass surface. 

Persistent Odors

While artificial grass contains properties that promote an odorless and hygienic environment, pet owners will still need to clean up after their furry companion. If they fail to do so and leave their pet’s waste out on the artificial turf, it can lead to mold growth, stains, and odors to manifest. If you just can’t seem to rid the odors from your artificial grass, you’ll need to consider completely replacing it. 

Before Selling

Anybody who is contemplating selling their home should think about implementing a brand new artificial turf surface to maximize the value of their property. This is because a new lawn will not only increase the curb appeal of a home but also attract potential buyers. Prospective buyers want a property that is appealing to look at and has been worked on and cared for. By replacing your artificial grass, you will show that your property has been taken care of in good hands, leaving a good first impression on any potential buyers or buyers that stop by.

When the time comes for you to replace your artificial grass, make sure that you do it with SGW Sacramento. The highest quality synthetic grass products on the market are available at SGW Sacramento. Rocklin and Sacramento artificial turf distributors, installers, and homeowners all speak glowingly about the difference that our products and services can make for their residential and commercial properties. This is because our synthetic grass closely resembles natural grass and displays remarkable durability, which is why we offer a 15-year warranty that guarantees your artificial turf against defective materials or workmanship. To see why so many have placed their trust in us, give us a call today at (916) 797-0682.