4 Reasons Artificial Turf for Soccer Fields Makes Sense

February 27, 2024

Artificial turf in Sacramento isn’t just for your home or business. It’s an exceptional choice for soccer fields, too. The life-like feel and appearance provide the traditional evergreen appearance of soccer fields while offering unique advantages.

Synthetic grass products are engineered with exclusive technology that minimizes maintenance, increases durability, and ensures long-lasting quality. Artificial turf is ideal for athletes who demand consistent quality despite vigorous use.

If you want to save money while maximizing your soccer field’s potential, artificial turf in Sacramento is the optimal choice.

Read on to learn how this eco-friendly landscape alternative can revolutionize your playing experience.

It Stands Up to Intense Practice

Soccer cleats are brutal on natural grass. They tear up the field as players sprint and kick through drills and competitions. After, the field is a mess of shredded grass. Regular care is needed to ensure your soccer field stays optimal for practice and play.

Artificial grass offers superior durability against skids, kicks, and scuffs. Synthetic turf is engineered with robust backings that prevent turf fibers from fraying, shredding, or coming loose during play. An artificial turf soccer field lasts longer with less work.

These benefits extend indoors, too. Our All Play XP turf is ideal for indoor soccer fields, installed with 5mm padding and tested to the highest athletic standards.

If you want to prevent your field from becoming unplayable, explore the high-quality artificial turf products from SGW Sacramento.

It Saves You Money

Preserving a pristine soccer field costs massive amounts of time and money. Mowing is required to keep the optimal length while fertilizers, daily watering, and pesticides are needed to keep it fresh and glowing green.

Artificial turf in Rocklin, CA, requires none of the above maintenance hassles. Simply rinse your field once every few weeks to keep it looking freshly grown. Your monthly bills will decline, and your water conservation will increase.

Another benefit of artificial turf soccer fields is the elimination of reseeding. Over time, reseeding is necessary to maintain a field’s quality. Since synthetic grass doesn’t grow or deteriorate, there’s no need to spend time or money on reseeding.

Spend the time and money you save on more practice and pro-level equipment. You’ll be at an advantage in the next game!

It Provides Consistent Quality

Consistency is critical to accurate practice and satisfying gameplay. Over time, natural grass soccer fields decline in quality, producing uneven surfaces that lead to unpredictable ball rolls. This inhibits a player’s ability to practice effectively.

Artificial turf is always the right length and doesn’t deteriorate as quickly. Ball rolls are consistent, allowing players to find their groove during practice and, most importantly, competitions. You’ll know what to expect every time you walk onto the field.

Consistent quality is why artificial turf putting greens have become so popular. Soccer fields are the next area that can benefit massively from lasting aesthetic appeal and functional superiority.

It’s Safe for Players

Safety is paramount for soccer players. The sport is risky as it is; there’s no need to add to it with a hard, scratchy, or uneven surface. Artificial turf is engineered with a gentle texture that mimics soft, freshly-grown grass.

Safe design is especially significant to youth soccer fields. Playground turf installed with a Tiger Pad layer maximizes shock absorption during practice and play. You kids can play as rough as they like, and they won’t even get pesky grass stains.

Advanced drainage systems quickly eliminate puddles after rainfall, preventing early deterioration of your synthetic grass and reducing the risk of falls during gameplay. Even better, there’ll be no more muddy jerseys to wash!

Create the safest soccer field possible using artificial grass in Sacramento, CA. Fewer injuries mean less time spent off the field and more time scoring goals.

SGW Provides High-Quality Synthetic Turf

If you’re ready to create an upscale soccer field that lasts longer, provides consistent quality, and protects your players, look no further than SGW Sacramento. We’ve been the top artificial turf distributor in Rocklin, CA, for 20 years.

We aspire to provide exemplary customer service, offering flexible hours and direct delivery from our warehouse. Our services include playground turf, landscape turf, pet turf, backyard putting greens, and installation accessories. Whatever you need, we can supply!

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote.

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