4 Things to Look for in an Artificial Turf Wholesaler

September 27, 2019

If you’re an artificial grass installer in the Sacramento area searching for a synthetic turf wholesaler, you’ll likely find yourself with multiple options to choose from. How can you safely determine which option is best for your business? When you’re researching the premier synthetic turf wholesalers in your area, take these four factors into consideration before committing to one provider.

Reviews & Testimonials

If you’re searching for an artificial grass wholesaler in the Sacramento area, you should always research their customer satisfaction rating and reputation in the industry. Gather recommendations from other installers and do your due diligence in researching wholesalers online to ensure that you choose an option with high customer satisfaction. Pricing is important, but your interactions with the wholesaler also need to be hassle-free in order to ensure that your installations stay on schedule and your products are of the highest quality. An unreliable wholesaler makes you, in turn, unreliable to your customers, which compromises the integrity of your business.

Quality Products

Not all artificial grass products are made to the same quality. The best synthetic grass should look and feel just like natural grass, not like the matted fake grass of the 1990s. Make sure that your wholesaler offers only top-of-the-line artificial grass products from reputable manufacturers. If they’re a good wholesaler, they should have a range of samples for you to see and feel, and you can often request that free samples be mailed to you. The product itself is often going to be considered the single most important aspect of your installation and the finished product that you provide to customers, so it’s crucial that you choose a wholesaler that only deals in market-leading products.

Good Warranty

All wholesalers should guarantee their products with a manufacturer warranty, but just as products vary in quality, their warranties will also vary. Wholesalers that boast market-leading, high-quality products will have warranties that last for a length of 10-15 years. Lower quality turf, on the other hand, will have shorter warranties, such as 5-8 years of coverage. You should also read through the details of their warranty and verify what it covers. Some warranties can be extremely vague in their language and cover far less than the standard warranty should.

Competitive Pricing

When choosing a wholesaler, pricing is inevitably going to be one of the most influential factors for installers. Compare a wide range of wholesalers in your area and choose the option that is within your budget but still offers superior products. You don’t want to pay more than you should and narrow your profit margin, but you also don’t want to sacrifice product quality. In the long run, this will harm your business and customer satisfaction rating. Finding a wholesaler that offers top-of-the-line artificial grass products at a competitive price is the optimal route for success in your venture.

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