5 Key Factors to Consider When Comparing Artificial Turf Quotes

March 8, 2021

Although most companies will offer you a quote on your artificial turf project, the prices you’ll receive will likely differ from one another. This is because not every company operates in the same manner. This is why it’s especially important to do the necessary research on artificial turf installation projects so that you are fully informed before choosing to partner with a company. When you do receive a quote for your artificial turf, here are five factors to consider.

What is the Square Footage

First of all, it’s important to get an accurate square footage calculation. Request that whoever is doing your measurement take their time and exhibit patience. If you receive different measurements from the companies you’ve contacted, get in touch with them and have them explain their distinct process. The square footage amount can heavily determine estimated costs. A lower estimated square footage means lower costs, but means more seams with your artificial turf which will not look as delicate. Meanwhile, a higher estimated square footage indicates that the company might be overestimating the amount of artificial turf required to reduce seams. While it will result in your artificial turf installation looking more aesthetically pleasing, it will also be more costly since it produces more material waste.

The Origins of the Artificial Turf

American-made synthetic turf is seen as the highest-quality option available. Since it utilizes the best materials available to ensure longevity and durability, the cost of it tends to be higher than artificial turf from overseas. A lower estimated price could give you a hint that the company you’re working with plans to use cheaper material imported from elsewhere.

The Base Depth

Understand how far deep the company is going to dig and the length of the base. The base depth is often measured between two to four inches. A deeper base means a more sturdy foundation, but it will also cost more. It’s necessary to reach a consensus on what your base depth should be. If the numbers differ when you receive your estimates, talk with the companies involved with the process to determine the correct base depth.

The Layout of the Artificial Turf

A question that you’ll want to inquire about with the companies you’re in contact with is the amount seams in their layout. The fewer the seams there are, the better the artificial turf installation will be. However, more seams would indicate that the company is deliberately buying less artificial turf so that they can cut costs.

The Amount Of Infill Used

The more infill that is placed on top of your artificial turf, the greater the durability and sturdiness of the fibers will become. Be wary that some companies may seek to lower costs by not putting in enough infill. Another aspect to consider is the type of infill that will be used for your artificial turf. Whether it’s Envirofill, Zeofill, or silica sand, consult with the involved companies to make the best determination for your artificial turf installation.

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