5 Reasons TigerCool is the Right Choice for Your Artificial Turf

December 28, 2023

Winter will be over before we know it, and with it comes the return of warmer seasons! However, sunnier climates also bring heat. This temperature increase can cause natural grass landscapes to become uncomfortable, even dangerous. 

Prevent unwanted interruptions to your outdoor activities in Sacramento, CA, with TigerCool artificial turf. These innovative turf products beat the heat with temperature-controlled technology, reducing heat by up to 15 percent.

TigerCool synthetic turf in Sacramento is a first-of-its-kind landscaping solution for homeowners in hot climates. It combines UV inhibitors and heat-reflecting pigments to lower the surface temperature by 10 degrees.

Read on to learn how TigerCool benefits you, your family and the whole community.

Pet-Friendly Turf

Dogs love to lounge around the yard during hot summer days, relaxing in the cozy heat. Unfortunately, if it gets too hot, the surface of your yard can become uncomfortable for pets. Even worse, it can harm their sensitive paw pads.

A rule to live by is: “If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog.” Protect your pups by installing TigerCool pet turf in your Rocklin, CA, home. You and your pets will enjoy the summer months much more without retreating inside to escape scorching turf.

Choose TigerCool from SGW Sacramento for your home landscape to create a pet-friendly paradise.

Great for Company

Artificial grass lawns are perfect for sharing outdoor gatherings with your favorite people. This is the time to gather, indulge in delicious food and lounge across your lawn and garden. But if your landscape is 175 degrees—a typical temperature in some areas—your friends won’t want to kick off their shoes and get lost in conversations.

TigerCool turf products transform your yard into a paradise for BBQs and other outdoor activities. You and your guests can lounge or pace barefoot across your artificial grass without fear of burning your feet.

Keep the good times rolling with TigerCool turf products that provide maximum comfort all day and evening. 

Picnic Perfection

A picnic is the most comfortable summertime activity in Sacramento. Lay down your favorite blanket and pick at fresh fruit while a cool breeze brushes past. However, ensure an overheated lawn doesn’t trap you on the blanket.

TigerCool artificial turf features a gentle construction that is just as comfortable as natural grass. You’ll be free to roam between lawn and blanket as the fancy takes you without worrying about overheated grass.

Invite your family, friends and neighbors for a relaxing picnic supported by industry-leading TigerCool turf products.

Kid-Friendly Turf

Kids spend most of their time outside, traversing imaginary worlds and inventing fun games. Ensure they have a safe space to play with TigerCool playground turf that protects kids from burns, scuffs and scrapes during outdoor adventures.

Unlike traditional turf products, which absorb heat due to dark pigments, TigerCool’s heat-resistant pigments lower the surface temperature by a whopping 15 percent. It protects your kids while they explore, play and make precious memories.

Create a playful paradise for your children with TigerCool playground turf. For guaranteed safety, add TigerPad underpadding, manufactured with shock-absorption technology.

Public Area Benefits

The home isn’t the only place for outdoor activities in Rocklin, CA. Public green spaces have increased in popularity during the past few years, providing Sacramento business owners a unique opportunity to elevate their spaces.

Parks, beer gardens, cafes, restaurants and hotels are looking toward TigerCool synthetic turf as a cost-effective means of combating the heat. As an added benefit, artificial grass presents a luxurious, verdant appearance that doesn’t deteriorate during scorching summers.

Create an inviting public space for customers with TigerCool synthetic grass. Families will come for a drink and a sip of sunshine, secure in the comfort of your artificial turf landscape

Choose TigerCool Turf for Comfort

TigerCool synthetic turf in Sacramento transforms your summer. Say goodbye to burned feet and days spent indoors while the sun shines. Get out and make the most of your evergreen landscape with temperature-controlled turf products.

SGW Sacramento is proud to be Northern California’s premier artificial turf distributor, providing residents and business owners with advanced TigerCool products. Call us today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote.

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