Artificial Grass, Rain, And Pets!

December 4, 2018

Artificial grass is perfect for the whole family, especially pets! When it comes to the Rocklin rain or pets who love to dig, synthetic turf is made to prevent any of those things from ever becoming a problem. This realistic lawn replacement is guaranteed to offer pets the perfect outdoor space they need at home.

More Drainage, Less Mess

Rocklin gets an average of 24 inches of rain per year. However, with the superior drainage rate of over 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard, all of the rainfall will flow right through the artificial lawn’s perforated backing. Additionally, liquid waste will drain like rain, and any solid waste is quickly picked up and rinsed off. Artificial grass drainage ensures the lawn will not turn into a makeshift pool of rainwater and pet waste.

No Mud, No Holes, No Discoloration

With artificial grass lawns, pet owners never have to worry about their furry friends coming inside covered in mud or digging holes in the yard! Synthetic grass fibers are built to prevent stray grass blades from breaking and guaranteed to withstand the roughest of play. For years to come, the lawn will have the same perfect greenery as the day it’s installed because it’s designed to prevent discoloration and fading.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Our artificial grass products and infill are 100% lead-free and non-toxic, making it a perfectly safe landscape alternative for pets and pet owners. Additionally, synthetic lawns won’t require fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals that may be harmful to pets.

SGW and Supply House have everything you might need for the perfect pet-friendly artificial grass installation. We serve and distribute to Rocklin and the Greater Sacramento Area. Give us a call at (916) 797-0682 or send us an email at to get started.

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