Artificial Turf for Balconies: Benefits and Installation Tips

November 30, 2023

You don’t need to live in a suburb to enjoy the benefits of artificial turf. Installing synthetic grass for balconies is a brilliant landscaping option for denser urban residents. These “floating lawns” give your apartment a touch of suburban luxury.

Synthetic grass is more than a pretty landscaping option. It’s versatile and durable, allowing various applications in your Rocklin or Sacramento home. It’s cost-effective and low-maintenance, too, meaning it can be installed where natural grass can’t.

Installation is fast and easy with the proper artificial turf manufacturer in Sacramento. It requires a different approach than traditional lawns, which SGW Sacramento can handle. We have the expertise and materials to provide premium synthetic turf for balconies – here’s what you need to know!

Specialized Synthetic Grass Installation

Balconies provide unique challenges for artificial grass installation. Unlike natural lawns with deep soil beds, roots and gravel, balconies are all concrete. Your synthetic turf needs to be appropriately installed to function correctly.

Artificial grass in Sacramento may not need roots, but it still needs space to drain fluids, especially if you have pets. High-quality turf requires proper installation with accessories like an AirDrain drainage grid, which creates a small space between the turf and the balcony.

This careful installation eliminates the risk of flooding, so you can enjoy your “floating lawn” even after the heaviest rains.

Artificial Turf and Sun Exposure

The higher you live, the closer you and your balcony are to the sun. This means less shade for your artificial grass. Even mid-range turf products can succumb to overexposure to the sun, fading or deteriorating earlier than expected.

SGW Sacramento has specially engineered our synthetic grass products to withstand even the hottest days in Rockling and the wider Sacramento area. Our high-quality turf products resist the sun’s damaging UV light, remaining bright and evergreen for years to come.

When combined with turf accessories like cooling infill, synthetic turf deflects sunlight to produce a cooler environment for you and your pets. Artificial turf in Sacramento is a lush way to simultaneously boost comfort and curb appeal.

Keeping Your Turf Secure

Sun isn’t the only challenge that comes with high-up balconies. Strong wind gusts risk damaging your artificial turf by ripping up corners. The turf products found in local department stores are often just lightweight patches of fake grass that stand little chance against the wind.

Synthetic grass from SGW Sacramento resists even the strongest winds. Our durable turf backing and infill create a sturdy foundation, keeping grass blades upright. Installation accessories like staples, nails and turf glue hold the pieces together on your balcony.  

Pet Turf for Your Furry Friends

Artificial grass is a special treat for apartment pets who don’t have regular access to a lawn. Our premium pet turf is designed to give your furry friend a life-like park experience while making your life easier with efficient drainage systems.

SGW Sacramento’s pet systems are non-toxic and lead-free, so your pets can play safely. Even better, synthetic turf doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers or other harmful chemicals to look bright and freshly grown.

Give your pets an all-access “floating dog park” with artificial grass installed in Rocklin and the wider Sacramento area.  

Enjoy a “Floating Lawn” with Synthetic Grass

SGW Sacramento is the premier artificial turf distributor for Rocklin and the wider Sacramento area. We use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring your balcony looks spectacular for years—even decades.

Call us today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online to transform your balcony with a luscious “floating” lawn made of high-quality, durable synthetic turf.

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