Does Synthetic Turf Attract Bugs?

February 8, 2021

A common question asked by those considering installing synthetic turf is whether it is susceptible to bugs. Thankfully, the answer is no. Artificial turf does an excellent job at repelling mosquitos, weeds, and various other pests. But what exactly is it about synthetic grass that allows it to avoid bug infestations?

Natural Grass and Pests

Natural grass lawns tend to attract certain bugs and insects like ticks, mosquitos, and fleas. These pests can ruin any outdoor activity that you are partaking in and even cause serious illness to those exposed to them. Because of the dangers of their presence, many go to great lengths to rid themselves of these pests. Property owners will often spend large amounts of money on different pest control chemicals and products. That’s why turf is a better alternative for those who are tired of dealing with pests and insects. Why break the bank buying pesticide chemicals and products when you can make the switch to synthetic grass.

How Artificial Turf Stops Pests

Artificial turf can stop pest infestations because it does not provide easy access to water and organic matter typically found in soil. Insects and bugs like mosquitoes thrive in environments with water. However because synthetic grass does not require watering to maintain its stunning and lush appearance, pests can’t congregate and reproduce. Additionally, many artificial turfs, like those provided by SGW Sacramento, have excellent drainage systems that allow water to pass through and prevent spores and bacteria from building up.

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