Ensure a Perfect Turf Putting Green Installation With These 4 Steps

March 29, 2024

As spring transforms the outdoors into a warm haven of activity, refresh your home with a unique landscape addition. Artificial turf in Sacramento, CA, empowers homeowners to enjoy country club fun with artificial putting greens.

A backyard putting green made from high-quality synthetic grass provides a superior gameplay experience. Consistent ball rolls and durable, shock-absorbing surfaces support accurate practice. Spend hours refining your putt and improving your motor skills!

Getting the most out of a custom putting green made from artificial turf requires correct installation. Whether you’re a professional landscape artist or a DIY homeowner, our guide to a perfect putting green installation has all the information you need.

For synthetic grass products and installation accessories, turn to SGW Sacramento, the leading artificial turf distributor in Sacramento, CA.

A reliable surface

A consistently smooth surface is essential for satisfying gameplay. If artificial turf fibers don’t retain their shape or the layout doesn’t remain even, your roll will be all over the place. You can’t perfect your putt if you can’t predict the roll.

Ensure a solid and smooth foundation before rolling out your synthetic turf products. Carefully compact the earth to prevent unexpected holes or collapses. Watch for air bubbles and other inconsistencies affecting the putting green surface when laying your turf.

Use border and edging tools to tuck in synthetic grass properly, guaranteeing a secure hold regardless of foot traffic or fierce winds. Invest in premium artificial turf manufactured to return to its original shape after each footstep.

Trust SGW Sacramento for your artificial turf distribution needs to guarantee premium products and installation accessories.

Seam protection

A smooth surface is impossible without proper seam protection. Seams hold your artificial putting green together, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and accurate putting.

Seams are the most vulnerable areas of a synthetic grass landscape. Weather, temperature, movement, and other factors can easily undo them. If seams shift, they can cause wrinkles, holes, and dips. The last thing you want is a wrinkle interrupting your best game.

SGW Sacramento has superior seam glue products that bind artificial grass with formidable strength. Your home or client properties will be resilient against the wind and rain, as well as dig-happy dogs and golf club swings.

Putting green maintenance

A significant appeal of artificial turf putting greens is their low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t need watering, seeding, fertilizer, or mowing to maintain its pristine quality. You can achieve country-club quality without a high price tag!

However, some maintenance is recommended to keep your backyard putting green as fresh and fun as you’d like. Brush your synthetic grass lawn occasionally to refresh fibers, but avoid metal rakes, as they can damage synthetic turf.

Remove random debris from your lawn to prevent children and visitors from stepping on them. While pet turf drainage systems eliminate messes, it’s advisable to occasionally rinse your lawn to guarantee peak cleanliness.

All cleaning and maintenance supplies you’ll need are available at SGW Sacramento. Our wholesale turf in Rocklin, CA, helps homeowners and landscape artists install and maintain picture-perfect landscapes.


Turf infill is essential for creating a quality putting green that lasts. This installation accessory is added after you’ve rolled out and secured your artificial turf. It provides crucial ballast and supports the shape of synthetic turf fibers.

Artificial turf in Sacramento, CA, requires infill to keep it stable. It weighs down your artificial putting green, providing crucial ballast that prevents unexpected shifting. When evenly distributed, infill creates a freshly-grown appearance, as satisfying as it is helpful.

SGW Sacramento has various turf infill products manufactured from recycled, eco-friendly materials. Antimicrobial infill can be added to tackle lingering bacteria, producing a clean putt-putt course that is safe for the whole family.

Superior artificial turf products from SGW Sacramento

If you want to design stable artificial putting greens in Sacramento, CA, look no further than SGW Sacramento. Our unique business model allows direct delivery of our premium products, lowering the cost of high-end synthetic grass.

We provide PGA-quality putting green turf alongside pet-friendly turf, playground turf, and all the installation accessories you need. Our premium products are matched only by exceptional customer service that aims to support local home and business owners.

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