Everything You Need To Know About Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete

March 29, 2024

Artificial turf in Sacramento, CA, is a popular landscape alternative enjoyed by home and business owners. However, there are still some mysteries about this relatively new landscape choice. Many wonder, “Can artificial grass be used on concrete?”

The short answer is yes, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the benefits and design potential of synthetic turf products. While there is much information on this topic, we’ve condensed it to the essentials.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for your next DIY project or a landscape professional who wants to offer something new to your clients, our guide to artificial turf on concentrate has the tips and tricks you need to succeed!

Why install synthetic turf on concrete?

Synthetic turf can be installed anywhere, but why might you want to use it on concrete? There are almost as many reasons as there are design possibilities!

Renters can refresh their apartments and balconies with artificial grass products. Create a potty pad for your dog using pet-friendly turf to avoid the hassle of walking to a dog park every time nature calls. Efficient drainage systems make pet cleanup fast and simple.

Create a mini putting green in your home or basement to infuse country club fun into your home. While backyard putting greens are popular, it’s nice to have an alternative if the weather isn’t comfortable enough for play.

Transform a patio garden with synthetic turf. Create pathways or accentuate vibrant flower beds with lush, evergreen borders of landscape turf.

What are the benefits of artificial turf on concrete?

Creative freedom is only one benefit of artificial turf in Rocklin, CA. Families, homeowners, local businesses, and even bachelors can benefit from installing synthetic grass on concrete.

While concrete is a satisfying floor option, artificial turf provides superior shock absorption, elevated comfort, and unique aesthetic possibilities. Break up a concrete base with artificial turf patches or replace the rugged surface with a softer landscape for kids and pets.

Playground turf and artificial pet turf provide stellar injury prevention. Your little ones will be safe running, jumping, skidding, and sliding across the gentle turf. Adding an underfoam layer increases shock absorption, counteracting the hard concrete below.

Artificial turf benefits

  • It’s non-toxic and lead-free
  • It’s low-maintenance
  • It looks and feels freshly-grown
  • It’s manufactured to withstand weather and daily use

Concrete makes synthetic turf installation significantly easier, as there’s no need to excavate or compact the soil below. However, drainage grids are required to create space between the synthetic turf and concrete, preventing stale air from getting trapped.

Successfully installing synthetic turf on concrete

All of the above benefits are dependent on proper installation. Applying artificial turf to concrete slightly differs from applying it to traditional lawns. On the one hand, it’s easier, but on the other, it requires a few extra steps to ensure maximum functionality.

Drainage is critical when installing synthetic turf in Rocklin, CA. Rainwater and pet messes won’t have anywhere to go without soil, and you’ll risk premature deterioration. Installing drainage grids will help, but you must ensure the liquid has a place to go.

Consider drilling small holes throughout the concrete to give water access to the soil below. They don’t need to be large, just enough to prevent pooling.

Remove debris to guarantee an even surface. Power washing is fast and effective. Use an underlay pad to counteract any persistent bumps. In the event of uneven concrete, crushed granite can balance out the surface before laying synthetic turf down.

Quality artificial grass for superior installations

Whether you install it on concrete or soil, using quality artificial turf products will guarantee maximum longevity and enjoyment. SGW Sacramento provides accessible and high-quality artificial turf distribution in Sacramento, CA.

Our unique business model eliminates the middleman with direct delivery from our warehouse, getting you the products you need faster and cheaper. We supply pet turf, backyard putting greens, playground turf, and installation accessories to residents and business owners.

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote!

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