Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Artificial Grass for Your Patio

June 24, 2024

Artificial grass in Sacramento, CA isn’t just for use in lawns. It’s also a spectacular way to add evergreen style and comfort to a patio. The superior customizability of synthetic grass means it can be easily installed almost anywhere, regardless of space or foundation.

Homeowners love the unique benefits offered by premium artificial turf products. Their unmatched durability prevents damage from weather, foot traffic, and pet messes. Eco-friendly materials create a lifelike experience without the maintenance hassle of a natural lawn.

If you plan to use synthetic grass for your patio, it’s crucial to understand how to choose the best turf products and incorporate them into your space. Strategic planning maximizes your lawn investment with 18-20 years of verdant comfort!

What Your Patio Needs

Before jumping at the first landscape turf you see, consider the unique needs of your patio space. Your choice of synthetic grass in Rocklin, CA, will depend on your lifestyle and how it impacts your landscape.

Foot traffic

The heavier the foot traffic, the shorter the pile height (length) you’ll need. While long synthetic grass provides a fully-grown appearance, it doesn’t stand up to heavy foot traffic as easily. You’ll have to work harder to keep it looking pristine.


If your patio space doubles as your children’s play area, you may want to consider installing playground turf. This specialized product increases shock absorption, especially when combined with a TigerPad underlayer. Playground turf can cushion falls up to 10 feet.


Dogs will use your outdoor patio for more than playtime. It’s also their bathroom. You’ll need to add an AirDrain grid to ensure proper drainage of pet messes. Pet turf products provide a comfortable space that can withstand rough playtimes.

Different Artificial Grass Types

Artificial turf comes in many hues, textures, pile heights, and face weights. At SGW Sacramento, we have over 50 unique synthetic grass products that allow homeowners and landscape artists to create personalized lawns. Consider these factors when choosing artificial grass.

Pile height

Pile height is the insider’s term for the length of synthetic turf fibers. It impacts the look, feel, and durability of an artificial grass lawn. Pile heights of less than 30mm are ideal for high-traffic areas, while longer pile heights create a luxury aesthetic.

Longer pile heights also offer greater comfort. If you want to create a serene home paradise for sunbathing and puppy playtime, a longer pile height is the choice for you.

Face weight

Face weight indicates how dense landscape turf is. Measured in ounces per square yard, a higher face weight equals more dense artificial grass and a softer feel. It also provides greater durability and stability against foot traffic.

Weather Resistance

With few exceptions, synthetic grass doesn’t have any protection from the elements. Premium artificial turf has innovative features that protect it from weather damage, like UV Stabilization, which prevents sunlight from dimming its verdant hues.

Heat and frost resistance prevents damage from excessive temperatures, preserving the fibers’ structural integrity and flexibility. Robust polyethylene backings adjust to changing temperatures without cracks or deterioration.

Maintenance and Logistics

Once you’ve found landscape turf with the right functional and aesthetic benefits, it’s essential to consider a few logistics. These include budget, maintenance, warranties, and more.


Synthetic turf can have a high upfront cost, but it’s important to balance this against the long-term savings to have an accurate view of costs. At SGW Sacramento, we offer premium artificial turf backed by warranties that guarantee lasting quality.

Maintenance needs

Knowing how to maintain artificial grass will preserve its quality. Low-maintenance synthetic turf only requires light cleaning to stay fresh and a turf deodorizer to eliminate odors. Occasionally, brush your lawn to keep fibers upright and replace the turf infill as needed.


Deciding how you’ll use your synthetic grass patio will dictate which products you choose. You can create a relaxing green space or add an artificial turf putting green for outdoor fun! 

Reliable Artificial Turf Distribution from SGW Sacramento

We offer premium synthetic grass in Rocklin, CA, helping home and business owners elevate their patio spaces. Our dedicated experts have decades of experience and a passion for sharing their expertise. We’ll guide you through our products, helping you design the perfect lawn.

Our celebrated services include playground turf, artificial turf putting greens, pet turf, and all necessary installation accessories. We offer direct delivery and same-day shipping to speed up your landscaping timeline. We turn ordinary patios into evergreen oases!

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