Find the Perfect Artificial Playground Turf With These Four Helpful Tips

January 22, 2024

Whether at home or in school, kids deserve a safe place where they can run, jump and play. Artificial Turf in Rocklin, CA, is a revolutionary way to provide children with a safe playground and parents with peace of mind.

Play is vital to a child’s development. Studies show that playtime is about more than imaginary worlds; it’s when children learn social skills, learn how to cooperate with peers, and hone hand-eye coordination.

Playground turf is designed to support this growth by offering a protective space that feels as comfortable as natural grass—even more so!

Learn how to choose the best artificial turf in Sacramento with our insightful guide on the keys to quality playground turf.

Maximize Health with Simplified Cleaning

If there’s anything kids are good at, it’s making a mess. This fact emphasizes the importance of low-maintenance playground turf for indoor play areas. You don’t want to make your job as a teacher or parent harder.

Fortunately, SGW Sacramento has easy-to-clean synthetic grass products perfect for the playground. Our systems are engineered with efficient drainage systems, so spilled sippy cups and other messes will drain into the soil beneath an outdoor playground.

All you need to clean your playground turf is a simple rinse. This is much easier than scrubbing, vacuuming, or other cleaning routines needed for a carpeted playground. And, thanks to our patented AirDrain grids, there’s no chance of crumbs getting stuck in fibers.

Eliminate the clean-up headaches with synthetic turf from SGW Sacramento, designed for maximum efficiency.

Bacteria-Resistant Synthetic Grass Installations

A common concern of parents is their child’s health. As children don’t have fully developed immune systems, they can be vulnerable to various bacteria and viruses. Creating a clean environment is key to protecting them.

The answer is antimicrobial turf infill. This product does more than secure artificial turf and plump up turf fibers to create a fully-grown appearance. It eliminates lingering bacteria left behind after rinsing, guaranteeing the healthiest environment possible.

Our Playscape synthetic grass system is IPEMA-certified and approved by the state of California, meeting the highest safety standards out there. They are engineered to be non-toxic and lead-free, so your children can play without fear of harmful chemicals or bacteria.

Choose Durable Artificial turf

Children don’t hold back when they play. They tumble and skid and dive bomb the playground, which means durability is paramount for your playground turf.

Durable backings hold turf fibers in place regardless of the enthusiasm of children. Our market-leading playground turf is designed to last over a decade, even with daily use. As a guarantee, we offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

Proper installation includes an under-foam layer that cushions children against fall injuries from as high as ten feet! You won’t even have to worry about pesky grass stains ruining their clothes when you install synthetic grass in Sacramento.

Maximum durability and safety come together with SGW Sacramento’s premium playground turf, the perfect choice for parents and teachers.

Create a Personalized Playground with Synthetic Turf

A hallmark of synthetic turf is the freedom of personalization it provides. Design the exact shape and size of your playground, indoor or outdoor, with artificial grass from SGW Sacramento.

While kooky colors may not be available, we provide a diverse range of synthetic grass products featuring different hues and color patterns. You can design a playground that boasts the rich, natural colors of traditional landscapes—without the hassle they cause.

Combine our Playscape synthetic turf systems with landscape turf or backyard putting greens to create a dynamic home oasis in Rocklin, CA. While the kids enjoy their personal playground, the adults will marvel at your pristine landscape.

Artificial grass in Sacramento empowers you to bring your vision of a perfect landscape to life.

Premium Artificial Grass Wholesale from SGW

SGW Sacramento offers market-leading playground turf designed to maximize cleanliness and protect your children while they play. Kids enjoy the natural feel of synthetic grass, while parents appreciate the peace of mind and aesthetic quality.

Design a personal paradise that the whole family will love using SGW Sacramento’s artificial turf products and turf installation accessories. We deliver directly to your Rocklin, CA, location and offer turf wholesale for local artificial grass installers looking to offer industry-leading products.

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote!

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