Five Important Features Found In Quality Artificial Turf Infill

February 16, 2023

Artificial turf infill is a material that lies between synthetic turf blades, and it plays an integral part in keeping the shape and stability of your landscaping. With infill options made of everything from polymer-coated sand to rubber, it can be challenging to choose the best material for your synthetic grass installation. To help you get the best possible results out of your artificial turf installation, we’ve compiled the five most important features to look for in an infill.

Heavier, Durable Materials

One key role that infill plays is to weigh down your artificial turf and prevent lifting. Heavier materials like sand are far better at this than lighter ones, like rubber or cork. By choosing a heavier infill, you’ll be left with a smoother, more seamless artificial turf installation.

Effective Drainage

When ordering installation materials, ask your artificial turf wholesaler about infill options that facilitate drainage. Proper drainage is key for preventing odors, molding and mildew – especially if your synthetic turf installation will be used by pets.

Antimicrobial Properties

Another issue associated with pet use? Bacteria growth. Being inorganic, synthetic turf can’t break down waste materials like natural grass, which means regular cleaning is crucial.

To cut down on the time you’ll spend on artificial grass maintenance, look for an infill with antimicrobial properties. Bacteria-resistant infill will help keep your turf fresher longer, eliminating the need for constant maintenance.


Your artificial grass lawn will be constantly exposed to the sun, which can break down the backing material. By choosing an infill with U.V. resistance, like Envirofill, you’ll extend the lifespan of your landscaping by protecting your artificial turf’s backing from U.V. rays.

Reasonable Price Points

As quality increases, costs generally follow – but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend an arm and a leg on infill for great results. By partnering with a wholesale artificial turf distributor, you’ll get high-quality infill at the most competitive factory-direct prices.

Investing in well-made products will save you money in the long run because you’ll get a longer lifespan out of your installation. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we provide local contractors with the industry’s most advanced artificial turf products. We’re proud to provide Rocklin and Sacramento with state-of-the-art artificial turf, fast shipping and exceptional customer service. For more information and free turf samples, contact us online or call (916) 797-0682 today!

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