Four Factors That Will Make Your Artificial Turf Last

August 30, 2022

Artificial turf is gaining popularity in Rocklin and Sacramento. Synthetic grass is lower-maintenance and more water-conscious than natural grass, making it an excellent choice for desert climates like California.

While artificial grass varieties may look similar, not all turf is created equally. Artificial turf installation is an investment – make sure to work with a synthetic grass distributor that places quality at the forefront.

Here are four factors to consider when choosing artificial turf for your next landscaping project.

What Your Blades Are Made Of

Over the years, your artificial turf will endure a ton of traffic. The material used in your blades will determine how well the blades will hold up.

When selecting an artificial turf style, look at what material the blades are made of. The plastics used to make synthetic grass blades can vary – stronger materials like nylon or polypropylene will help your yard to last longer.

How Durable the Backing Material Is

The material used in your artificial turf’s backing is just as important.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we use the strongest backing material in the industry. All of our artificial grass products are crafted with a rigorous tuft-binding process that ensures your outdoor areas will withstand even the harshest conditions.

How Your Artificial Turf Was Installed

Artificial turf installation requires keen attention to detail. Synthetic turf that was installed hastily and improperly is more susceptible to having issues in the future.

With the proper tools and research, installing artificial turf properly on your own is possible. However, hiring a skilled artificial turf installation contractor is the easiest way to ensure your project will turn out flawlessly. Our team at SGW Sacramento is happy to connect you with an experienced contractor in your area – just ask!

What You Do to Maintain Your Synthetic Grass

While it requires far less maintenance than natural grass, synthetic turf still needs regular upkeep to last as long as possible.

The occasional rinse, cross-brushing and debris removal will help extend your artificial grass’s useful life. Doing so prevents matting, mold and odors from developing and taking a toll on your outdoor areas.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento prides itself on providing Northern California with the highest-quality artificial grass in the industry. Our turf products are engineered to last for years – we’ve even backed them with a 15-year warranty covering any fading or breakdown. With the nation’s largest selection of artificial grass, you’re guaranteed to find a style you love. Call us today at (916) 797-0682 or contact us on our website to start your next landscaping project today. We’d love to provide you with free samples and a complimentary quote!

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