Four Reasons Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Playgrounds

September 27, 2022

Installing a playground for your family is a fun and exciting project. These days, the options for play structures are virtually limitless – you can truly bring your kids’ unique visions to life.

The surface you choose to install underneath your playground is just as important as the structures themselves. Artificial grass is an excellent option for playgrounds, as it’s just as functional as it is customizable and fun. Here are five of our favorite reasons to use synthetic turf in your backyard play area!

Artificial Grass Cushions Falls

Accidents are inevitable with kids. Trips and falls are going to happen, which is why having a soft surface underneath your play structures is essential.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf playscapes can be installed with extra padding to cushion falls. The blades are also softer than other materials like gravel and mulch, reducing the odds of cuts and scrapes.

Synthetic Turf Has Better Traction

Natural grass and water don’t mix well in play areas. Slippery, muddy playgrounds are a recipe for disaster.

Artificial turf is made with highly efficient drainage to quickly wash away rain, making slips far less likely.

It’s Allergen-Free

For those who have them, grass allergies can be a major nuisance. Nothing ruins playtime like itchy eyes and a constant runny nose!

Synthetic grass is allergen-free, allowing everyone to enjoy your backyard regardless of any allergies they may have.

There are No Toxic Chemicals

Natural grass requires a lot of pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals aren’t healthy to breathe in and can have an even worse effect on children who accidentally consume them.

Being inorganic, artificial turf requires little maintenance to stay lush, green and insect-free. Installing synthetic grass in your play area gives your family a safe place to play without any risk of toxic chemical exposure.

Installing a playground is an investment that will create lifelong memories. Make sure the materials you use are built to last.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we use the industry’s most durable materials to ensure your artificial turf stands the test of time. We’re so confident in our products that we’ve backed them with a 15-year warranty covering premature fading, degradation or breakdown. We’d love to hear about your play area project – call us today at (916) 797-0682 or contact us online to connect with a member of our team!

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