Here’s Why Sacramento Businesses Are Choosing to Install Artificial Grass in Their Commercial Properties

May 24, 2024

Local businesses are realizing the benefits of artificial grass in Sacramento, CA. This innovative landscape alternative does it all. Commercial turf offers the same evergreen allure as a natural lawn without the hassle or high costs. As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, gym, or office building, synthetic turf can elevate your property, bringing in new customers and impressing old ones. Your lawn is a crucial part of your commercial reputation, which is why artificial grass is such a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll explore these benefits and others. Learn how commercial turf can reduce overhead, improve cleanliness, protect customers, and give back to the environment. We’ll also provide tips on how to install artificial grass to get the most out of it!

Save Money on Maintenance Costs

If you want to save money, there’s no better solution than synthetic turf in Rocklin, CA. Artificial turf products are low-maintenance, with verdant hues and a fully-grown appearance that doesn’t require daily watering, fertilizer, or lawn chemicals to stay “fresh.” The environmental benefits are just as impressive, if not more so!

Improved water conservation isn’t the only benefit of low-maintenance turf. Artificial grass products are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic without damage. Even a line of customers around the block won’t deteriorate your synthetic turf lawn.

At SGW Sacramento, we work closely with manufacturers to source the highest-quality artificial grass. These products guarantee your business 18-20 years of evergreen splendor. Imagine what you could do with two decades of significant savings!  

Elevate Your Brand Appeal

For better or worse, your business’s look determines how customers perceive it. It’s the first and last thing they’ll see when they visit your property. High-quality landscape turf gives your business an elegant facelift that inspires warm feelings in your customers.

Artificial turf creates a striking and pleasant environment. Since commercial turf is customizable, you can create unique designs that elevate your business with artistic flair. Use synthetic grass to enhance your customer’s comfort while visiting your business.

Artificial grass products can be installed anywhere! Elevate a rooftop bar or parking lot with an evergreen style. Restaurants can create cozy outdoor areas with synthetic grass that cushions their customers’ feet and delights their senses. 

Create a Lively, Engaging Space

The unique construction of synthetic grass allows business owners to design landscapes infused with fun and personality. One popular choice is an artificial turf putting green. Customers can enjoy a round or two while waiting to be seated or with a drink.

Local gyms can benefit from artificial turf in Sacramento, CA. Outdoor workouts are a trend in hot climates, and gyms can create safe spaces for HIIT or weight training with playground turf. It provides shock absorption and is durable enough to withstand vigorous workouts.

Customers love to bring their pets with them. Use pet turf to create a dog-friendly landscape to attract new customers and their four-legged friends to your business. Pet turf includes drainage systems that keep your property fresh and clean, regardless of doggy messes.

Artificial grass is a versatile landscape choice that supports a near-limitless range of design possibilities. Set your business apart from the rest with premium commercial turf.

Transform Your Business with SGW Sacramento

At SGW Sacramento, we pride ourselves on assisting local businesses with their artificial turf needs. We work with landscape artists, restaurants, gyms, retail spaces, and more. Shop individually or wholesale to achieve the lavish, evergreen aesthetic of your dreams!

With artificial turf in Sacramento, CA, you can elevate your business while reducing overhead. Explore our diverse services, including landscape turf, pet turf, artificial putting greens, playground turf, and installation accessories.

Call us today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online to transform your property with high-quality commercial turf.

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