Here’s Why You Should Ditch Your Mulch for Artificial Playground Turf

October 27, 2023

As a parent, safety is your first concern when designing a playground for your children. Mulch and woodchips are popular home playground options, but another choice is available with benefits beyond your child’s safety. 

Advancements in technology have led to parents, caregivers, and landscapers choosing artificial grass in Sacramento and beyond. Before you choose the typical surfacing option, consider the benefits of playground turf. You can purchase artificial turf wholesale or work with installers to design the ideal landscape.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of synthetic turf for your playground. 

Protect Your Kids from Injuries

Kids play rough, jumping, tumbling, swinging and leaping around the playground. Wood Chips are pointy and can cause cuts and splinters and become slippery when wet.

Playground turf from SGW Sacramento is specially designed to exceed the strictest fall height protection standards. Combined with a unique manufacturing process and shock-absorbent padding, our playground synthetic grass dramatically reduces the risk of injuries.

Synthetic grass minimizes unsafe conditions, such as slippery surfaces. Drainage systems prevent puddles from collecting, minimizing falls. Pool reduction also prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes and other harmful pests, mitigating the risk of infection.

Remove Hidden Hazards

Kids don’t watch where they’re stepping. They run wild and free. Make sure they’re safe by installing playground turf from a trusted artificial turf distributor in Sacramento instead of playground mulch or wood chips.

The dark, splintered appearance of mulch and woodchips can hide harmful items such as glass or other sharp materials. The last thing you want during playtime is a sudden cut, especially since such injuries risk infection.

Synthetic grass makes identifying hazards simple as they stand out among the green color of your turf. The blade shortness also makes it difficult for hazardous materials to hide where they may get suddenly brought up by an enthusiastic foot.

Combat Damp Weather

Playground turf is the superior playground surface solution to combat fall and winter weather. Unlike synthetic grass, wood chips absorb water following rainfalls, becoming heavier and thus harder to spread out. This results in an uneven and unsafe play surface.

This uneven surface creates a hazardous condition and increases the risk of falls while playing. Even worse, it reduces padding, increasing the risk of injury from falls. While wood chips and mulch are the traditional choice for playground surfacing, they aren’t nearly as reliable as artificial turf.

Synthetic turf includes a drainage system that prevents pooling and fake grass blades that do not absorb water like wood chips. It consistently ensures even cushioning for children to play on, making it the preferred playground surface in Sacramento or Rocklin.  

The Safest Playground Surface Choice for Kids

The traditional choices for playground surfaces are no longer the safest. Wood chips and mulch can conceal hazardous materials, cause slippery puddles, and come with safety risks such as splinters. Synthetic playground turf solves all of these problems.

Alongside safety benefits, artificial grass is easier to maintain with dramatically less water requirements. Not only will you contribute to your child’s safety, but you’ll help the planet and lower your utility bills. 

Reinvest these savings into making the perfect playground with help from the leading artificial turf distributor in Sacramento. SGW Sacramento provides quality synthetic turf for your playground, designed to match rigorous tests and the highest safety standards. Contact us at 916-797-0682 or visit us online today.  

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