How Can You Spot the Best Quality Artificial Grass Wholesale?

February 16, 2023

Buying artificial turf wholesale is the most cost-effective option for turf installation contractors. However, not all turf is created equal, so choosing the best distributor is key for getting the most out of your investment in artificial grass. To ensure you’re ordering high-quality landscaping, make sure your turf has these five features.

Polyurethane Backing

The backing material used in your artificial turf couldn’t be more important. Because backing is what holds all of the turf fibers together, it’s essential to choose an artificial turf that’s made with the most durable backing material possible.

Look for a turf that’s made with polyurethane backing. Compared to latex, the other most common backing material, polyurethane is far stronger and temperature-resistant. This will result in a longer-lasting lawn and a better return on investment.

A High-Quality Drainage System

Because artificial turf is an inorganic material, an effective drainage system is necessary for flushing away rainwater and other liquid waste.

A great option to look for is AirDrain: a geocell drainage grid that allows air and water to circulate beneath the surface of your artificial grass.

UV-Reflective Pigments

Your artificial turf will be constantly exposed to the sun. UV rays cause fading and color bleeding, making your lawn lose its natural, lush appearance.

To keep your yard as green as possible, look for synthetic grass with heat-reflective pigments. TigerCool products, for example, are made with UV-resistant technology that effectively prevents color fading.

Natural Look & Feel

Today’s advanced synthetic turf technology is lightyears away from the neon Astroturf of the past. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we carry state-of-the-art turf that looks and feels incredibly similar to natural grass. We’ll even send you free samples so you can see them for yourself!

Suitable Density & Pile Height

A quality artificial turf wholesale distributor will offer a range of styles that include different pile heights and fiber densities. They’ll also be able to guide you towards turf varieties that are well-suited to your unique project needs – for example, high-traffic areas are best fit for shorter pile heights and higher densities.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento offers the widest selection of artificial turf products in Northern California, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect landscaping for every installation. With fast shipping, flexible warehouse hours and excellent customer service, we’ve become the go-to wholesale artificial turf distributor for Sacramento contractors. Contact us online or call (916) 797-0682 to start your next project today!

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