How Does Pile Height Factor into Artificial Grass Quality

October 30, 2023

It may seem like a small detail, but the pile height for the artificial turf you choose to install dramatically impacts your artificial turf’s performance, appearance, longevity and durability. For those unfamiliar with the turf terminology, pile height is the length of your synthetic grass fibers. 

A shorter pile height isn’t better or worse than a longer one. When choosing artificial turf in Sacramento, it’s about considering the purpose of your fake grass. This decision dictates the pile length you choose for your new synthetic turf.

Read on to learn the different benefits of short and long pile heights

Shorter vs Longer Pile Height

The easiest way to decide whether you want short or long pile heights is to utilize your foot traffic data. Areas with more significant foot traffic should install artificial grass with a short pile height because short fibers perform excellently in high-traffic areas.

Synthetic turf with a short pile height is perfect for putting greens, pet turf, walkways, playground turf and other heavy foot traffic areas. Installing artificial turf products with short pile heights for these applications will ensure a long lifespan with minimum maintenance requirements.

In contrast, synthetic grass with a long pile height is ideal for areas with low foot traffic. Longer artificial turf fibers produce a more luxurious appearance, suitable for those chasing maximum curb appeal. Turf with a long pile height is excellent for residential spaces. 

Pile Height and Artificial Turf Maintenance

A significant benefit of synthetic grass is the lack of maintenance required to maintain its evergreen appearance. However, all artificial turf in Sacramento benefits from some care. Your pile length will dictate the care your turf fibers need.

Long pile lengths are more easily flattened by foot traffic and furniture. You’ll need to brush it out more regularly than synthetic grass with short fibers. As an artificial turf distributor, SGW Sacramento provides high-quality turf infill to help reduce flattening.

Regardless of pile height, synthetic turf has a lifespan of 15-20 years. The only effect of pile height on longevity is the type of maintenance your artificial turf will require to fulfill its lifespan.

Effect of Pile Height on Kids and Pets

Kids and pets love to zoom around the yard with abandon. This playfulness increases the importance of choosing artificial grass in Sacramento that prevents falls. As well as increased durability, shorter pile heights are better for playgrounds. 

Pet turf and kid-friendly turf are typically designed with shorter pile lengths that increase traction. The greater the traction, the lower the chances of a harmful fall. A short pile length is the ideal synthetic grass choice for active families that love to run, jump, skid, and slide.

One safety benefit of artificial turf with a long pile height is increased shock absorption. While the increased activity will increase maintenance requirements, it will also reduce the risk of injuries from falls.

Choosing the Right Pile Height

SGW Sacramento has worked hard to craft the highest-quality artificial turf in Sacramento, no matter the pile height you choose. Regardless, your residential or commercial property will look spectacular year-round. But knowing the difference is still important.

Synthetic grass with a short pile height is more durable and offers greater traction, increasing the safety of kids and pets. A long pile height turf is ideal for achieving that lush appearance while providing more significant padding against falls.

While different pile heights have unique maintenance requirements, they’re guaranteed to last over 15 years with SGW Sacramento’s high-quality manufacturing. If you’ve decided on your pile height and are ready to choose the ideal artificial turf products for your property, call us at 916-797-0682 or contact us online today.

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