How Is Artificial Grass Installation Different From Using Sod for Your Lawn?

March 31, 2023

When creating a beautiful backyard landscape, homeowners have traditionally turned to sod. However, with technological advancements and the increasing popularity of sustainable landscaping, artificial grass has become a viable alternative to traditional sod in Sacramento, CA homes.

While both options have advantages, there are several differences between the two methods regarding installation techniques, tools and upkeep. In this article, we will explore the differences between artificial grass and sod.

The Tools Required Are Different

Artificial grass landscaping requires specific tools to prepare the base and secure the grass. The tools you’ll need for installation include a utility knife, a power brush, a turf leveler and a vibrating plate compactor. Conversely, using sod requires tools like a lawn roller, a garden hose, a sod cutter, a garden fork and a rake. If you need access to these tools, many artificial grass distributors offer equipment rental services at affordable rates.

Preparing the Base Follows Separate Instructions

Preparing the base for artificial grass installation is more complex than laying sod. The first step is to remove the existing grass and soil to create a stable surface for the artificial turf. Once the area is cleared, a sub-base of crushed rock or gravel is installed, followed by a layer of sharp sand to provide a level surface. The sand is then compacted using a vibrating plate compactor to create a solid base.

When laying sod, the top layer of soil is loosened with a garden fork, the sod is rolled out and pressed down, and then watered to help it take root. Homeowners may add fertilizer to help their grass grow faster and healthier.

Laying the Grass

When laying artificial grass, it’s essential to cut the turf to fit the desired shape of your Rocklin, CA, lawn. You’ll then need to apply an adhesive to the area’s perimeter and join the edges of the turf. The grass is then rolled out, and any wrinkles or bubbles are smoothed out using a power brush. When it comes to sod, it’s rolled out on top of the prepared soil and cut to fit any edges.

Final Steps in the Installation Process

The final step for artificial grass installation is to secure the turf using non-galvanized nails, ensure the edges are correctly sealed, and then brush the grass blades to make them stand upright. For sod, you’ll need to water it regularly and avoid walking on it for a few weeks to give it time to root.

If you’re considering artificial grass for your lawn, it’s essential to choose a reputable synthetic grass distributor with a well-stocked inventory. At SGW Sacramento, we offer an abundance of synthetic turf products and install accessories built to last in residential or commercial settings. Contractors, homeowners and installers alike can utilize our services to create picturesque artificial grass lawns and projects in Sacramento, CA. Make the switch today by calling 916-797-0682 or filling out our contact form.

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