How to Choose the Best Pile Height for Your Artificial Turf

June 27, 2022

Unlike us, you’re not likely to spend your free time researching the nuances between artificial grass varieties. If you’re new to synthetic grass, the many different varieties can be overwhelming. After all, isn’t artificial turf just…artificial turf?

While there are significant differences between synthetic turf styles, they’re far less complex than you might think. We’ve broken down one of the most important qualities of synthetic turf – its pile height – so you can easily determine which styles are most appropriate for your unique landscaping project.

What is Artificial Turf Pile Height?

Just like with carpeting, the pile height of artificial turf is just the measured distance from the turf’s backing to the top of its fibers. Typically, artificial turf’s pile heights fall between 0.4 and two inches.

Pile height is an essential factor to consider when investing in artificial turf, as it impacts everything from the aesthetic to the functionality of your outdoor surfaces.

Different Pile Heights for Different Looks

Shorter pile heights tend to be the style of choice for sports surfaces. If your outdoor space will be used primarily for sports or fitness, shorter styles are a great choice to create that aesthetic.

Styles with longer pile heights tend to look lusher and more realistic. Beautiful, longer pile heights don’t lend themselves well to heavy foot traffic and are best suited to outdoor spaces that are more for aesthetics than functionality.

The Right Pile Height for Your Synthetic Turf’s Purpose

The primary usage for your artificial turf will also determine the most appropriate pile height.

As previously mentioned, longer pile heights work well in spaces that are mostly just for looks. Shorter pile heights are well-suited for sporting areas and arenas – the specific sport will also affect how short you want to go.

Does Pile Height Affect Maintenance?

Regardless of the specific style you choose, artificial turf landscaping won’t require anywhere near the necessary level of maintenance of natural grass. However, some minor differences between shorter and longer pile heights are worth noting when it comes to expected artificial grass maintenance.

Longer fibers tend to need more brushing than shorter styles since they are more subject to matting. Long styles can also need more frequent cleaning because debris has more room to collect between the blades.

As a business with comprehensive customer service at the center, Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento is happy to assist you in finding the perfect artificial turf solution. From pile height to infill, we’ll work with you every step of the way to knock your next artificial grass installation project out of the park. SGW Sacramento carries the widest variety of cutting-edge artificial turf varieties nationwide, so you’re sure to find exactly the materials you need. Call us today at (916) 797-0683, or contact us online. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!

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