How to Enjoy the Sacramento Summer with Synthetic Turf Yard

May 24, 2024

There’s nothing like Sacramento in the summer! School’s out, the weather is fine and your lawn is waiting for you to enjoy hours of sun-filled fun. However, natural grass lawns may not provide everything you need to make the most of the season.

Artificial grass in Sacramento, CA, is popular among homeowners looking to optimize their summers. Synthetic turf has the aesthetic appeal of natural lawns with less hassle and expenses. It also features innovative technology like drainage and UV resistance.

Using synthetic turf products, prepare your backyard for hours of running, swimming, and neighborhood barbeques. Artificial grass is the perfect summer companion for your home and family, offering superior durability, versatility, and long-lasting beauty!

It’s Durable and Versatile

Your lawn experiences constant use throughout the summer, from outdoor games to packed barbecues. This constant pressure can damage natural grass, creating bald patches or matted arrears that impair your lawn’s comfort and appearance.

Landscape turf is made from flexible fivers supported by turf infill, which bounce back to their original shape regardless of foot traffic. Robust backings secure your artificial grass landscape, preventing damage from soccer cleats or dogs that like to dig.

Durability is only the beginning. Design the perfect play space for the whole family using artificial turf in Rocklin, CA. Keep your kids safe using playground turf that cushions them against falls, reducing injuries and preventing trips to the ER from interrupting your summer fun.

Dad’s can get in on the fun, too! Create an artificial turf putting green that supports hours of smooth, relaxing gameplay. Design a course that challenges your short game or a family-friendly course everyone can enjoy.

Elevate Your Poolscape

While traditional poolscape materials such as concrete and stone have benefits, synthetic grass can transform your pool into a home paradise. More and more homeowners are surrounding their pools with artificial grass in Sacramento, CA.

Synthetic grass prevents debris from cluttering your pool’s crystalline waters. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf fibers won’t come loose and end up in the pool. Low-maintenance turf prevents herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, and other lawn chemicals from seeping into the water.  Synthetic turf offers the best of both worlds between stone and natural grass.

While stone and concrete are elegant, they become slippery and pose a risk to enthusiastic children. Landscape turf has better traction and provides a softer landing if falls occur, keeping your family safe while they practice their cannonballs. 

Stay Cool with Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf in Rocklin, CA, can help you beat the heat. At SGW, our artificial grass products feature unique TigerTurf technology that reduces lawn temperatures by 15 percent. UV-resistance and heat-reflecting pigments built into each fiber prevent heat build-up by reflecting, rather than absorbing, the infrared light.

This innovative manufacturing allows homeowners and their pets to lounge in the grass, soaking up the sun without overheating. Artificial grass products are a great way to prevent patios from burning your feet due to overexposure to sunlight.

Enjoy Water-Based Games

Water games are a popular pastime for families in Sacramento, CA. Water balloon fights, Slip N’ Slides, kiddy pools, water guns, and sprinkler games are a staple of summer fun. Unfortunately, these games can oversaturate natural grass, causing it to wither and decay. Switch to synthetic grass in Sacramento, CA, to create a flood-free lawn!

Thanks to artificial turf’s efficient drainage systems, you can enjoy endless water-based games without fear of flooding your lawn. This innovation allows landscape turf to drain fluids at 400 gallons per minute per square yard, so you can run the sprinkler all day without flooding!

Say goodbye to the days of mud puddles and sticky grass blades! This also means you can return to the outdoor games sooner after heavy rains. Within an hour, your lawn will be dry enough to get wet again—this time from a water balloon bonanza!

The Perfect Synthetic Turf for Your Home

SGW Sacramento offers homeowners premium synthetic grass products to elevate their summer fun. Our services include landscape turf, artificial putting greens, pet turf, and the necessary installation accessories to complete a flawless lawn.

We offer direct delivery to your home or business, saving you time and money on your next landscape project in Sacramento, CA. Same-day shipping and flexible support hours make artificial grass distribution a seamless, enjoyable experience for all!

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online to refresh your home with high-quality synthetic turf.

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