How to Measure the Right Amount of Artificial Turf for Your Project

August 30, 2022

Whether you’re installing artificial grass yourself or hiring a contractor, figuring out how much synthetic grass you’ll need is a critical first step.

Luckily, the math required is incredibly easy. Even if it’s been decades since your last geometry course, you can knock out this part of the artificial turf installation process in no time.

The shape of your lawn will determine how you calculate your square footage. To help you get started, here’s how to measure the right amount of artificial turf for your project.

If Your Lawn is Square or Rectangular

Calculating how much artificial grass you’ll need is simple if your yard is square or rectangular.

First, measure the length and width of your installation area. For example, let’s say your yard is 10 feet long and five feet wide. Multiply those two measurements to get the area of your lawn in square feet. In this example, five times 10 would mean your installation area is 50 square feet.

You may need to round up to the nearest foot if your area is an uneven number – for example, 49.5 square feet should be rounded up to 50.

For Circular Areas

Circular artificial turf areas can make your yard more visually interesting. Measuring how much turf you need is easier than you’d think.

Measure the radius (one-half of the width of your circle). Square that measurement, then multiply it by 3.14.

The resulting number will be the area of your circle in square feet. Keep in mind that if you are installing artificial turf yourself, your supplier will provide you with a square or rectangular piece of material that you’ll need to cut into the shape you need.

If Your Lawn is Angled

If your lawn is angled or tapers off, base your measurements on the longest and widest sides of your lawn to make sure you have enough artificial turf to work with.

Double Check Your Measurements

After you’ve measured out your installation area, make sure to double-check your math. Even the best contractors make mistakes, and double-checking your work will prevent you from having too much or too little synthetic turf to work with.

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