Planning an Indoor Turf Putting Green? Here’s How To Find the Perfect Artificial Grass Putting Green

February 27, 2024

Bring the country club inside! Artificial grass in Sacramento allows residents and business owners to create putt-putt courses indoors. This interior design choice offers year-round athletic fun, no matter what the weather does.

To design a custom putting green that provides reliable gameplay, you must know what to look for in synthetic grass products. Variables like pile height, face weight, backing style, and personalization choices will dictate your playing experience.

SGW Sacramento offers market-leading artificial grass designed to provide PGA quality for your home putting course. We’ve made ourselves the top synthetic turf distributor in Sacramento, using products manufactured with exceptional attention to detail.

Read on to learn how the various factors of our synthetic turf produce a superior golfing experience indoors and out!

The Right Pile Height

Pile height refers to the length of turf fibers. This trait is vital for smooth, reliable gameplay on your artificial turf putting green. If your pile height is too long or uneven, your ball roll won’t be consistent, and you’ll be unable to practice accurately.

The recommended pile height for putting green turf is roughly half an inch. This shorter length creates a sturdy surface your ball can easily roll across. Turf fibers won’t bend or slouch, preventing troublesome dips.

SGW Sacramento provides high-quality, American-made turf manufactured to the perfect pile height. We guarantee that your ball will go exactly where you want it.

Face Weight and Durability

Your synthetic turf putting green will see a lot of use. It’s essential that your chosen artificial grass products are engineered to withstand foot traffic for years. This is where face weight comes into play.

Face weight refers to density, meaning how many turf fibers are stitched together. Subpar synthetic grass products often have too few turf fibers per square inch, resulting in a weakened surface that will deteriorate much sooner.

The right face weight creates a sturdy surface that can bear the weight of your feet without fraying. Face weight also supports your ball roll. You can identify premium synthetic grass by the right balance between pile height and face weight.

SGW’s products are engineered to meet your lifestyle needs, with different pile heights and face weights for landscape turf, pet turf, and, of course, putting greens!

The Importance of Backings

Your artificial turf’s backing is its foundation. It dictates the lifespan of your custom putting green and provides crucial maintenance functions. The backing holds individual turf fibers together, offers temperature flexibility, and improves airflow.

Polyurethane backings offer superior flexibility, which is paramount for durability. Your turf putting course will withstand each swing without losing its form. While drainage isn’t crucial indoors, the improved ventilation prevents stale air from accumulating.

SGW Sacramento is the top artificial turf distributor in Rocklin, CA, offering products with polyurethane backings for long-lasting play.

Personalized Putting Greens

The primary benefit of artificial turf putting greens is the degree of personalization that they offer. While country clubs and putting courses are fun outings, they don’t cater to your unique skill level and playing style.

Choose the contours, rough placement, gradients, and hole positioning for your custom putting green. SGW Sacramento provides turf products and installation accessories to ensure your putting course can follow the natural shapes of your interior.

Why go for a basic layout when you can design the perfect challenge course with artificial grass putting greens?

Low-Maintenance Benefits

A natural grass putting green for your interior space has some obvious challenges. Lawns require extensive maintenance to preserve their pristine condition, including cutting, watering, and fertilizing. These practices are virtually impossible indoors.

Synthetic turf requires no maintenance to preserve its perfect length and vivid green hues. Simply brush your artificial putting green occasionally to remove dust and debris. That’s all that’s needed to keep a clean putting green!

Spend less time working and more time swinging with low-maintenance putting green turf from SGW Sacramento!

Get Premium Putting Greens from SGW

Sacramento residents choose SGW Sacramento for their artificial turf distribution due to our superior products and exceptional customer service. We’re here to help you create the perfect indoor putting course with synthetic turf and install accessories.

Our services include more than just putting greens. We provide playground turf, pet turf, and premium landscape turf in Sacramento. Whatever you envision, we have the tools and know-how to help you bring it to life.

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for more information on our market-leading turf products.

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