Red Flags That Tell You it's Time to Replace Your Artificial Grass

July 29, 2021

Artificial turf is a durable surface that is built to last for years. It can withstand heavy use and even the toughest conditions while still maintaining its stunning aesthetic and functionality. However, like all surfaces, artificial turf will begin to lose its integrity at a certain point and cease to function as it should. When this occurs, you’ll need to replace it with a brand new synthetic grass surface. But how exactly can one tell when their synthetic grass has reached this state? Here are some red flags that tell you it’s time to replace your artificial grass.


Although artificial turf can be a strong and enduring material, it’s still susceptible to damage in areas like its seams. In most cases, artificial turf should last for years, but the damage sustained because of extreme weather or fires can threaten to drastically shorten its lifespan. If certain areas of your synthetic turf have melted or have charred, you’ll need to seriously consider replacing your artificial turf completely.

Loose Inlays and Seams

During the installation process, artificial turf is secured through seams and inlays. However, the adhesive that holds the seams and inlays in place can weaken over time. This poses a risk to the safety of your pets and children who can accidentally fall and hurt themselves because of the compromised integrity of your synthetic grass. Once you see that something is wrong with your seams or inlays, we recommend immediately looking into replacement options.


The color and quality of artificial turf can wane over time due to continued exposure to sunlight and extreme weather. While synthetic grass has various properties to combat and protect itself against such threats, persistent wear and tear can negatively impact the quality of your turf. If you notice that the color of your turf has begun to fade, this could be a good time to transition to a new synthetic grass surface.

Persistent Odors

While artificial grass contains properties that promote an odorless and hygienic environment, pet owners will still need to clean up after their furry companion. If they fail to do so and leave their pet’s waste out on the artificial turf, it can lead to mold growth, stains, and odors to manifest. If you just can’t seem to rid the odors from your artificial grass, you’ll need to consider completely replacing it.

Before Selling

Anybody who is contemplating selling their home should think about implementing a brand new artificial turf surface to maximize the value of their property. This is because a new lawn will not only increase the curb appeal of a home but also attract potential buyers. Prospective buyers want a property that is appealing to look at and has been worked on and cared for. By replacing your artificial grass, you will show that your property has been taken care of in good hands, leaving a good first impression on any potential buyers or buyers that stop by.

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