Return on Investment with Synthetic Grass

January 23, 2019

For any homeowner, home improvement projects are a significant investment due to the amount of time and money it takes. Regardless of whether the homeowner chooses to hire a contractor or turn it into a DIY project, they are going to want to make sure their return on investment, or ROI, is a good one. Because the exterior of a house is the first impression of a home, many Sacramento residents are investing in artificial grass installations to ensure their home’s landscaping is top-notch while getting the best ROI possible.

Eliminate Costly Maintenance

One of the most significant selling points about artificial grass is that it is low-maintenance and is guaranteed to save the homeowner money. This means no more money spent on fertilizers, weed-killers, pesticides, or even a landscaper to take care of the lawn. Additionally, without the need for an irrigation system or repairs, maintenance costs are almost entirely eliminated! The only maintenance that may be needed is a quick raking of the artificial lawn to make sure the grass blades are standing upright.

Conserve Water

As previously mentioned, artificial turf doesn’t require irrigation systems nor does it need any watering. Which means homeowners with a synthetic lawn could save up to 50% a year on water costs. The only time you may ever need to use water on your artificial grass is to wash off any waste left behind by pets.

Increase Property Value

With its never-fading greenery, artificial turf is bound to enhance the curb appeal of any Sacramento home, and will also increase property value. Houses with a finished yard are more likely to appeal to homebuyers, and a synthetic grass lawn is the perfect option for that finished look as it will match nicely with any flowers or trees in the yard. With the lawn being low-maintenance as well, it is a huge plus for potential buyers!

City Rebates

Although the Sacramento Water County Agency currently does not offer rebates for synthetic turf installations, the neighboring county does! The Placer County Water Agency regulates Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, Rocklin, and the surrounding area’s water. PCWA offers a Lawn Replacement Rebate of $1.00 per square foot for both commercial and residential properties. You can learn more about PCWA’s Rebate Programs on their website.

Artificial Turf vs. Natural Sod Lawn

Depending on the size of the artificial grass installation, homeowners can begin seeing a return on their investment within the first two years of the installation. In order to maintain a healthy natural sod lawn, it could cost up to nine times as much as it would to maintain a synthetic lawn annually.

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