Say Goodbye to Mud with Synthetic Grass

January 7, 2020

It’s every homeowner’s dream: a verdant lawn rolling out in front or behind their new home, perfect for the kids to play on. That crisp green lawn may look beautiful at first, but natural grass inevitably develops problems over the years. Organic grass ages and dies, which means paying to replace and re-sod it, and it ends up looking worn and torn. Even worse, the soil bed that natural grass requires develops dips and swales, small irregularities in its surface as people and animals walk and run over it. These irregularities develop into divots and larger holes from repeated wear and tear, and these irregularities prevent water from properly draining from the lawn after rain or gardening. This creates puddles, and these puddles create mud that gets tracked inside your Sacramento home, leaving behind a filthy mess. Pets going to the bathroom can accelerate this problem, as animal urine kills grass, leaving behind yellow patches and bare spots.

Synthetic Grass: The No-Mud Solution

A lawn made from artificial turf, however, does not suffer from these issues. While mud can still get tracked onto synthetic grass from other areas, an artificial lawn will not get muddy on its own. This is because artificial turf does not require soil to remain healthy and green, which means that there is no dirt for water to mix with to create mud. Synthetic grass lawns are designed with a permeable backing that features small holes to ensure efficient drainage, so there are no puddles, no mud, and no messes that wind up inside your home. Artificial turf also doesn’t stain clothing, enabling children to play outside without you having to worry about washing their clothes afterward. Artificial grass is also far more dog-friendly. Your pet going to the bathroom won’t leave behind holes or dead spots as synthetic turf is too resilient for them to dig through, and their bathroom excursions are easier to clean up.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Synthetic grass can still get dirty from other sources, of course. Dust and debris can get blown onto your turf, which can be a problem if your home or business is in a rural area with lots of bare dirt. Debris like leaves, twigs, and flower petals can also end up on your synthetic lawn from nearby trees, plants, and bushes. If you have parties or gatherings outside, any spilled food or drink will need to be quickly cleaned up as well. However, cleaning a synthetic lawn is far easier than tending to a natural lawn. Dirt and other stains can be quickly washed away with a garden hose without the need to worry about over-watering.

SGW Sacramento is proud to serve the Sacramento area as a premier source for wholesale synthetic turf. If you’re looking to upgrade a home, playground, or business with a brand new synthetic lawn, you can’t go wrong with market-leading turf products from SGW Sacramento. By calling us at (916)-797-0682, our team of landscaping and renovation experts can get started working with you. We hope you’ll make SGW Sacramento your first choice for an artificial grass distributor.

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