SGW Artificial Turf Putting Green Products

March 14, 2019

Whether you’re a homeowner, DIYer, or an artificial turf installer who is looking to install a personalized synthetic grass putting green, SGW Sacramento will have everything you need. We offer the highest quality artificial turf putting green products as well as accessories to make your next Sacramento landscaping project look amazing. With five top-rated synthetic grass putting greens, we’re sure to help you find the perfect artificial turf putting green that will satisfy any skill level in the Sacramento area.

Nylon Putt 1-Tone ¾”

Our Nylon Putt 1-Tone features a 53-ounce face weight and a .75 inch pile height, creating a highly durable surface for any golfer. Nylon Putt 1-Tone ¾” showcases beautiful pine green color tones that will blend in beautifully with any surrounding natural environment.

Nylon Putt 2-Tone

Nylon Putt 2-Tone features a dual coloring of field and lime green and is made with a durable textured nylon material. It has a 0.50-inch pile height, and a 34-ounce face weight is built to endure heavy traffic while maintaining the look and feel of real artificial grass putting green. So no matter how many people are using your synthetic turf putting green, it will look as new as the day it was installed.

Nylon Tee Line 1-Tone

Nylon Tee Line 1-Tone features a 1-inch pile height and a 120-ounce face weight, making it the perfect option for tee boxes and driving range surfaces. This product features pine green color combinations and is a top choice for any commercial or residential putting green area that wants to add a space to chip from.

Poly Putt 2-Tone

Poly Putt 2-tone features a .50-inch pile height and a 50-ounce weight and is a leading choice in putting greens among artificial grass installers in Sacramento. This product features vibrant field and lime green color tones, as well as containing frost and heat resistant factors that make it perfect for any residential or commercial putting green installation. Poly Putt 2-Tone’s grass blades also feature UV stabilizers that ensure that the artificial turf will never fade.

True Putt

True Putt features a 1-inch pile height and a 38-ounce face weight, making it ideal for any backyard putting green, public or private golf course. This product’s slit film polypropylene grass blades are perfectly designed for your ball to roll as true to a real putting green as possible. True Putt is a high-quality putting green that features high green speeds that allow golf balls to react at PGA level course specifications.

Golf Accessories

To make your installation complete, we also offer a variety of accessories to go with it. We have simple putting green sleeves and lighted poles to mark the holes. Our putting green set includes the cup, base, and pin knob. We also have a variety of putting green flags that are plain colored, decorative, or custom made.

SGW Sacramento has everything you need to install the most beautiful putting green installation in your Sacramento neighborhood. All of our artificial grass putting green products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by an 8-year warranty. Additionally, it offers a drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard and has built-in UV-inhibitors to prevent fading. Our turf products and supplies are only of the best, and highest quality. Our friendly team of professionals are more than happy to help homeowners and contractors. Give us a call today at (916) 797-0682!

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