The Benefits of AirDrain

May 23, 2019

Artificial grass has come leaps and bounds since it first gained popularity in the 80s and 90s. Extensive research and technological advancements in recent years have resulted in synthetic grass products that are not only virtually indistinguishable in appearance from natural grass but that are far superior in functionality and practicality. One benefit of installing artificial grass in your Sacramento home or business is the inclusion of a highly efficient drainage system such as AirDrain. AirDrain is a Geocell drainage grid created by Airfield Services that provides unparalleled efficiency in turf drainage rates. If you’re considering artificial grass installation, speak to a professional about AirDrain and its benefits.

What is AirDrain?

AirDrain is a Geocell drainage grid that creates a 1-inch, 92% air void underneath your artificial grass. It elevates the synthetic turf above the subgrade to allow air to circulate and water to pass through rapidly. AirDrain is made from 100% recycled copolymer (also considered a “no break” plastic), which allows it to withstand extreme heat and cold without sacrificing performance. By separating the artificial grass from the concrete underneath, AirDrain is able to efficiently flush pet waste and other bacteria so your turf will stay clean and sanitary for you and your family’s enjoyment.

AirDrain for Pet Grass

AirDrain’s 100% vertical drainage makes it the ideal synthetic drainage system for kennels, boarding facilities, dog parks, vet clinics, and other animal common areas. It’s also great for households with pets. Unwanted pet waste can be washed away quickly due to the 92% air void underneath the synthetic grass. A flushing system can also be installed that attaches to any water sources and uses inexpensive PVC piping around the perimeter of the area. This system is low cost, easy to install, and can be done yourself in little time. This efficient system will help to reduce odor levels and prevent a buildup of any bacteria. Keep your pet surfaces clean and odor-free with AirDrain.

AirDrain for Playgrounds

In artificial grass play areas, the AirDrain system is placed on the prepared subbase, underneath the fill and on top of the polygreen foam pad. Regardless of whether your playground will be using loose fill products or unitary surfaces, the playground area needs proper water drainage to keep the area dry and free of harmful bacteria. AirDrain Playground Drainage also results in a more stable surface area and consistent Head Impact Criterion (HIC) testing results across the area, making it safer for the kids. Inconsistent HIC across the playground could drastically affect the safety of the area and put owners at risk for liability.

AirDrain for Sport Fields

AirDrain is the ultimate drainage solution for sports fields. It’s used by professional sports teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, and we’ve been the NFL Player’s Choice for 12 years running. The thickness and resin of AirDrain consistently provides uniform shock absorbency that reduces the strain on joints and ligaments. It also helps give a consistent GMAX and HIC across the entire field, improving the safety of the players, and reducing the owners’ liability risk. AirDrain’s 100% vertical drainage under the whole field surface also minimizes water and mud-related injuries. AirDrain drains at a rate of 171 inches per hour, so no amount of rain or poor weather will flood the field; it dries right away. If you want the same quality as NFL and MLB fields, use AirDrain for your artificial turf installation.

No matter the size of your artificial grass installation, you deserve the best products and services on the market. Here at SGW Sacramento, we provide AirDrain because we stand behind its innovation and effectiveness. To find out more about what synthetic grass products would best suit your next Sacramento installation, give us a call at (916) 797-0682. We’d be happy to discuss our inventory and provide you with free samples.

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