The Essential Guide to Securing Artificial Grass During Your Installations

January 22, 2024

Artificial grass in Rocklin, CA, has many benefits, including monthly savings, improved water conservation, long-lasting allure, and a freshly-grown appearance. Proper installation guarantees these benefits for over a decade.

Selecting the right artificial grass products is essential to a successful installation. There are many factors to consider, like the underlying purpose of your landscape and the color pattern that best compliments your home aesthetic.

To help you avoid common pitfalls, we’ve compiled a guide to finding and securing suitable artificial grass in Sacramento. Read on for everything you need to know!

Solving Common Issues with Synthetic Grass

When improperly installed, artificial grass can fold or bubble, damaging your aesthetic and creating injury risks. Water backups foster harmful bacteria and invite pests, while cheap artificial turf deteriorates quickly.

It’s essential to understand the pitfalls of incorrect installation. The upfront costs for quality artificial turf can be high, so you want the highest ROI possible. When installed correctly, synthetic grass can last well over a decade.

Other preventable issues:

  • Fading/fraying of turf fibers
  • Separating artificial turf seams
  • Upturned corners
  • Inefficient drainage

These issues can be solved by using the correct installation accessories and choosing premium artificial turf products with efficient drainage grids and a durable design. This is why purchasing turf wholesale or individually from trusted brands like SGW Sacramento is vital.

Finding Suitable Artificial Turf

Start by asking yourself, “What is the purpose of my landscape?” If you want to create a backyard paradise for kids, you don’t want to install playground turf without proper padding. The synthetic grass you choose dictates the installation needed.

  • Kid-friendly turf: For parents looking to create a safe playspace for their kids, our Playscape synthetic grass is designed for maximum protection and must be installed with special under-foam padding.
  • Pet-friendly turf: Families with furry friends will need pet turf. These should be installed with  AirdDrain grids that eliminate pet messes to prevent odors and staining.
  • Elevated curb appeal: If you want to create a luxurious environment for all your neighbors to marvel at, install landscape turf with long, lush turf fibers. This choice is especially appealing around gardens or front yards.
  • Summer fun: Make your home the place to be with a backyard putting green, designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. These landscapes require more complex install accessories, too.

Knowing how you want to use your artificial turf landscape will guide the installation process to maximize longevity and enjoyment.

Securing the Seams

The first half of a reliable artificial turf installation ensures an even surface. This prevents upturned corners or unexpected dips, minimizing injury risks. Achieving an even surface means seamlessly aligning and securing the edges of synthetic grass patches.

Quality seam glue holds individual pieces of artificial grass together, preventing unwanted sliding and increasing durability. Seam glue prevents water from seeping below the surface to cause bubbling.

SGW Sacramento offers premium seam glue for residents and artificial turf installers in Sacramento. You never have to worry about misaligned or bubbling synthetic grass.

Nailing Down Synthetic Grass

The second half is securing artificial turf to the earth below. To accomplish this, SGW Sacramento offers turf staples and stakes that root your synthetic grass landscape despite playful children or inclement weather.

Staples act as added security for artificial grass seams, alleviating some of the burden from the seam glue. Stakes prevent upturned corners and keep your synthetic turf from sliding or lifting. Keeping your turf secure is vital to maintain quality over time.

SGW Sacramento offers these turf installation accessories and others to ensure seamless integration with the rest of your home or business.

Everything You Need for Artificial Turf Installation

SGW Sacramento provides artificial turf wholesale with direct delivery to your Rocklin, CA, location, saving you money and time. We also offer market-leading synthetic grass for homes and families across Sacramento.

You’ll guarantee a safe and secure environment when you choose the right artificial turf products and install them with premium accessories. Enjoy over a decade of elevated curb appeal and peace of mind with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

Call SGW Sacramento today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote!

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