The Five Most Popular Blade Shapes and How They Affect Your Artificial Turf

July 31, 2023

Do you know what makes a synthetic lawn look and feel realistic? It’s not just about the color and the length of the grass blades, but also their shape. In fact, the shape of the blade can significantly influence how your artificial turf performs and looks. 

For residents of Rocklin and Sacramento who are considering synthetic grass for their homes, here are the five most popular blade shapes and how they affect your artificial turf:

1. Omega

Omega-shaped artificial grass blades are favored by property owners and professionals for their durability and enhanced aesthetic appeal. From regular daily use to heavy foot traffic, Omega blades are the ideal choice for all-purpose artificial turf landscaping.

SGW’s Sierra Series is a perfect example of Omega turf blades at work. This innovative design allows for Sierra’s three distinct turf varieties to withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic – excellent for all applications!

2. Oval

Oval-shaped blades are designed with durability in mind. This shape gives each blade more volume without requiring additional materials, which results in a lush and resilient surface that stands up well to heavy foot traffic. Whether it’s used in commercial applications or for a bustling backyard, oval blades can keep your artificial lawn looking great.

3. C-shaped

Aptly named due to their C-like form, these blades are designed to bounce back after being stepped on, making them the perfect artificial grass for high-traffic areas. The unique shape provides a good balance between softness and resilience.

4. 3D Curvy “W”

With a 3D Curvy “W” shape, the blades can stand upright for longer periods, even with heavy use, replicating the look of natural grass. This design also creates an aesthetically pleasing look for your artificial turf, making it perfect for applications, no matter the traffic level.

5. Corrugated

The corrugated blade shape offers quite a few unique advantages. The design gives each blade greater stability and resilience, making it a popular choice for synthetic lawns that will be subjected to heavy use. The unique shape of the corrugated blades also helps to reduce the amount of light reflected off the grass, making the lawn look more natural in different lighting conditions.

By understanding the various blade shapes available for your artificial grass, you can make a more informed decision that best suits your needs and usage requirements. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we offer a wide variety of artificial grass options, each designed with specific blade shapes to fit your needs.

Whether you need synthetic grass for a pet area, a playground, a putting green, or general landscaping, we have the right blade shape and design for you. Our artificial grass products incorporate advanced technologies for durability and realism, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn year-round.

We pride ourselves on being the top artificial grass distributor in the Rocklin and Sacramento regions. We provide top-quality synthetic turf wholesale products backed by excellent customer service.

If you have any questions about blade shapes or need help selecting the perfect artificial grass for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. Reach us today at 916-797-0682 and let Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento help you realize the perfect synthetic lawn for your space.

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