Three Challenges Resolved by Artificial Pet Turf

January 25, 2022

Pet owners know that natural grass is far from an ideal surface for them. Natural grass’ structure and composition present many challenges for both pet owners and their furry companions.

These challenges are why many pet owners are turning to artificial turf as their preferred surface. Artificial pet turf serves as a fun, clean, and safe surface that doesn’t feature any of the same issues featured in natural grass.

Lawn Burn

When let out on your lawn, pets tend to choose the same spot to urinate in every time they need to go. Unfortunately, continuous exposure to dog urine can damage natural grass and leave behind burned lawn spots.

Not only will this give your lawn an unpleasant aesthetic, but it will also make it vulnerable to weed growth. Lawn burn is not a concern for those with artificial pet turf.

High-quality synthetic grass products, like those offered at SGW Sacramento, feature efficient drainage that prevents any waste or water buildup.

Synthetic turf is also incredibly easy to clean, which means that you can wash off any urine left behind by your pet without much trouble.

Muddy Mess

When pets play on natural grass, things can get messy. They often end up with mud on their paws through digging or simply running around on a wet grass surface. Mud is then tracked into your home, creating great inconvenience and extensive cleaning work for you.

You never have to worry about muddy pawprints in your home ever again when you make the switch to synthetic turf.

Artificial grass is a hygienic, low-maintenance surface that stays clean even after your pets are done playing on it.

Pest Infestation

Pests like fleas and ticks thrive on natural grass surfaces. Natural grass provides a damp, moisture-filled environment where pests can settle and spread quickly.

Ticks and fleas are particularly dangerous because they can cause scabs and severe health issues like Lyme disease for your pets.

Pests aren’t a problem for artificial turf, thanks to its short blades of grass that never grow. This prevents ticks and fleas from being able to hide out anywhere. Artificial grass also doesn’t retain moisture, which stops ticks from coming in and spreading.

Ensure a safe and clean playing environment for your pets by implementing artificial pet turf. Reach out to SGW Sacramento, home to the industry’s best pet turf and synthetic grass products. We are the leading artificial turf distributor for Rocklin and Sacramento residents, and we offer complete support for our world-class lineup. Our artificial turf products are non-toxic, lead-free, and look and feel just like natural grass. For more information about what we can do for you, fill out our online contact form or call us at (916) 797-0682 to request a free product sample.

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