Three Landscaping Challenges Solved by Artificial Turf

February 22, 2022

Every property owner wants to have perfect, stunning landscaping that functions well all year long. This can be difficult to achieve without the right surface.

Landscaping presents many challenges for homeowners that most surfaces like natural grass aren’t equipped to deal with. One surface capable of overcoming landscaping’s numerous challenges is artificial turf.

Soil Issues Eliminated by Artificial Grass

Natural grass landscapes often encounter soil issues due to structural factors like poor drainage, which can cause erosion and nutritional imbalance.

Natural grass’ inefficient drainage allows bodies of water to persist throughout their surface. This can negatively impact your surface’s health and any greenery found on it.

This isn’t a concern with synthetic grass; artificial turf is a surface that doesn’t require soil. Synthetic turf also features efficient drainage that prevents water buildup from occurring throughout a landscape.

No Pests in Artificial Turf

With their moist and wet environment, natural grass landscapes often attract pests like ticks, mosquitos, and fleas, which can spread quickly without much resistance due to favorable conditions.

Not only are pests detrimental to the health of your lawn, but they also are a danger to any pets that play on your surface. Ticks and fleas are particularly harmful because they can cause scabs and severe health issues for your pets, such as Lyme disease.

With artificial turf, pests are much less likely to thrive as it is cleaner and more hygienic. A lack of available food sources and stagnant bodies of water in artificial turf means that pests won’t be able to settle and multiply as they would in natural grass settings.

Evergreen Synthetic Grass

Whether it’s a pest infestation or extreme weather, many things can contribute to the deterioration of the long-term health of natural grass landscaping.

On the other hand, artificial grass can maintain its appearance and function, no matter what it faces. With its impressive durability and toughness, nothing can prevent artificial turf from looking great and performing excellently.

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