Understanding the Higher Cost of Premium Artificial Grass

November 30, 2023

When considering artificial grass installation in Sacramento, choosing the cheapest price is tempting. But look closer, and you’ll see that these cheaply-priced turf products are poorly manufactured.

Any potential upfront savings disappear as your cheaply-made turf deteriorates, requiring higher maintenance and repair costs. Investing in premium artificial grass, especially synthetic turf from SGW Sacramento, will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Learn why investing in top-grade synthetic grass products is the wisest choice.

Strict Manufacturing Guidelines

Quality and care go hand-in-hand. Higher-priced synthetic turf products tend to have higher manufacturing standards, ensuring your landscape looks picture-perfect for years, regardless of weather conditions or foot traffic.

As an artificial turf distributor, SGW Sacramento creates records of every batch of turf that goes through our production line; this process verifies all chemical recipes to ensure maximum safety and catch potential errors.

Other synthetic turf manufacturers often include lead and other heavy metals in their products that threaten kids and pets. These turf products use cheap plastics, too, leading to early lawn deterioration.

Investing in superior-quality artificial turf landscapes is about more than long-lasting quality. It’s the surefire way to keep your family safe and your lawn pristine.

Thorough Safety Testing

Guidelines are only as good as the safety testing that guarantees them. These rigorous safety measures apply to the general use of synthetic grass and specific applications such as playgrounds and athletic fields.

Reputable organizations, including ASTM International and IPEMA, require even stricter guidelines for playground turf since it will be used by the most vulnerable members of your family. The organizations, combined with internal standards, guarantee the highest safety standards for premium turf products.

On the other hand, other artificial turf manufacturers don’t always have such organizations ensuring safety guidelines are adhered to. This is one reason imported turf often includes microplastics, crumb rubber, lead and other harmful materials.

Investing in premium turf is investing in the most rigorous safety testing in the market. The result is synthetic grass landscapes that provide unrivaled peace of mind.  

High-Quality at a Fair Price

You’d think this testing and high-quality manufacturing leads to inaccessible prices, but that’s the final benefit of premium artificial turf. When you compare the quality, longevity, durability and overall safety for pets and kids, the price is more than affordable.

This superior manufacturing saves money over time, especially when you factor in the money saved on water bills, maintenance equipment, pesticides and fertilizers. A synthetic grass landscape is an investment that continues to pay—sometimes for decades.

Other artificial turf products are often made with cheap, diluted plastics that fade quickly or break down, requiring further investment to keep them looking evergreen. This is to say nothing of the potential hospital bills from injury due to torn turf or chemicals.

Find a Trusted Turf Manufacturer

SGW Sacramento has provided high-quality artificial turf in Rocklin and the wider Sacramento area. We hold our turf to the highest standards on the market, positioning ourselves as market leaders in the synthetic grass industry. Our quality turf is surpassed only by our friendly service.

Sacramento residents have used our high-quality turf to create everything from a synthetic turf front yard to a backyard putting green. These dynamic landscaping options are only available through high-quality turf that lasts.

If you’re looking to invest in an artificial grass landscape for your home or business, SGW Sacramento has the turf products that’ll deliver on your investment and then some. Call us at 916.797.0682 or contact us online to transform your lawn.

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