What Do You Need To Know Before You Buy From a Synthetic Grass Distributor

April 28, 2023

When buying wholesale synthetic grass from an artificial grass distributor, not all are created equal. Some just won’t fit the artificial grass projects you will be doing, and you may not know where to begin or what questions to ask.

At SGW Sacramento, we provide our clients with expert insights on the latest trends in artificial grass solutions. By finding the optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and practicality, we are confident in our ability to provide the best advice on this subject. Below you will find crucial factors to consider before purchasing from an artificial grass distributor.

Research Is Everything When Shopping for Artificial Grass

The initial stage in purchasing from an artificial grass distributor is identifying your brand, objectives and clientele. Which varieties of synthetic turf installations are the most frequently performed by your enterprise? Dog turf? Sports parks? Will the artificial grass product be used for commercial or residential installation?

Another factor to consider is the prevailing weather conditions in the region where you install artificial grass. Will there be a lot of sun or a lot of shade? Does it rain a lot? Asking these questions will help you determine the type of artificial grass that will best suit your project.

Know the Artificial Grass Lingo

We use many terms in our line of business that a layperson might need help understanding. As you prepare to invest in synthetic turf solutions, this would be the best time to brush up on that information. Known as turf terminology, these are some of the most common terms that we use daily:

  • Yarn – the term we use to describe artificial grass material (e.g., polyethylene or nylon).
  • Density – represents the durability of an artificial turf lawn; the higher, the better.
  • Pile height – the height of your artificial grass blades, which will differ depending on the project specifications.
  • Face weight – a metric that quantifies the number of ounces of synthetic material integrated into each square yard of artificial turf. A greater face weight generally indicates superior quality.
  • Thatch – an alternative color fiber added to an artificial grass lawn to make it look more realistic.
  • Infill – helps keep synthetic turf erect and protects it from foot traffic.
  • Backing – an aspect of stability that is often two parts: primary and secondary. The primary is an anchor for artificial grass blades, and the secondary locks them in tight.
  • Color – the primary color of artificial grass blade fibers.
    Sub-base – replaces plain soil as a blended ground mixture that facilitates good drainage on your artificial grass lawn – usually made from compacted sand, gravel and other durable materials.

Do Some Comparing and Contrasting with the Features of Artificial Grass Products

So now that you’ve completed the research phase and know the lingo, what’s next? The best thing to do from here would be to compare the features of each artificial grass that a synthetic grass distributor offers.

Each fake turf product will have its own structure, backing, thatch color, pile height and yarn type. Each time you begin a new project, these are the exact questions you must ask before committing to buying artificial turf.

What Are the Budget Constraints for Your Client?

Finally, we must address a less glamorous but critical aspect of the process. Each of your clients has a budget to follow, too. Make sure you are following timelines, doing your best work and being transparent so that in the event you do go over budget, they will be the first to know.

We can say that synthetic grass can save hundreds of gallons of water annually, ultimately paying for itself in three to five years. While the upfront costs of artificial grass installations are typically higher than those of natural grass, the long-term dividends make it a financially wise choice for everyone involved.

Leveraging our extensive experience as a leading supplier of artificial grass solutions in the United States, SGW Sacramento is dedicated to identifying the most optimal products for our clients. With nationwide distribution centers, we take pride in our role in facilitating cost savings for homeowners and synthetic grass contractors while concurrently contributing to environmental conservation efforts. If you share our commitment to making a positive impact through the utilization of artificial turf, we invite you to check out our artificial grass product line and call us today at 916-797-0682 or by filling out our online contact form.

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