What Products Can You Buy From a Synthetic Grass Distributor?

April 30, 2024

Synthetic turf in Sacramento, CA, is a growing landscape alternative, popular for its aesthetic appeal and low-maintenance benefits. Landscape designers and DIY homeowners may wonder how an artificial turf distributor can help with their projects.

A leading synthetic grass distributor like SGW Sacramento provides everything you need to transform average lawns into personalized green havens. We offer over 50+ products with various hues and functions so that you can design a picture-perfect landscape.

Explore the many synthetic grass products you can buy from an artificial turf distributor with our comprehensive guide.

Life-Like Artificial Grass

Landscape turf is designed to mimic natural grass’s lavish hues and lush texture. It is the perfect option for homeowners looking to elevate their property value with a “freshly grown” aesthetic. Additionally, it’ll help you save money on maintenance and water bills.

Synthetic turf’s evergreen allure will last longer than natural grass. It features robust backings that support your lawn against heavy foot traffic and weather, providing a polished and durable appearance year-round. Enjoy the same evergreen splendor with less hassle!

Artificial grass products with weed barriers can protect and accentuate your garden. The formidable weed fabrics prevent invasive growths from overtaking your delicate flowers, while the vivid green hues complement their rainbow colors.

Kid-Safe Playground Turf

While wood chips, rubber, and natural grass are standard in playgrounds, they fail to provide the security that kids need. Splinters, bruises, and other injuries are still too frequent, so parents prefer playground turf for their backyard installations.

An artificial turf distributor like SGW Sacramento is the best place to find premium playground turf. We carefully source our products, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. Our Playscape synthetic grass system is IPEMA-certified and certified lead-free.

Trusting SGW Sacramento with artificial grass distribution guarantees that your children enjoy the safest, softest, and greenest playspace imaginable!

Pet-Friendly Products

Pet owners looking to treat their dogs to a private green space can benefit from synthetic grass distribution. A trusted distributor like SGW Sacramento has artificial pet turf engineered to protect pups and help owners maintain a clean landscape.

Pet turf products boast efficient drainage systems that keep your lawn fresh and clean by eliminating pet messes. Don’t let mud puddles dirty your pet’s clean paws. Install synthetic grass products that guarantee a dry, comfortable lawn regardless of the weather.

Artificial turf in Rocklin, CA, protects your pets by eliminating fertilizers and harmful chemicals from your landscape. At SGW Sacramento, all pet turf is non-toxic and lead-free, so your furry friends can sniff, lick, and lounge the day away!

Backyard Putting Greens

A synthetic grass distributor gives homeowners and landscape designers access to unique lawn features like artificial putting greens. These affordable, luxury additions create a space for outdoor exercise, family fun, and neighborhood gatherings.

With artificial grass, custom putting greens can be tailored to your lawn size. Artificial grass products are carefully cut and shaped to suit your desired design. The rough placement, hole positioning, and contours can be adjusted for superior personalization.

Artificial turf offers consistent gameplay, with robust backings and turf infill holding pre-cut fibers in place. Your ball will roll smoothly every time, enriching your practice with the greatest accuracy possible. Durable artificial turf will stay crisp for years of regular play.

Installation Tools & Accessories

Whether you’re a homeowner or landscaper, installing artificial grass in Rocklin, CA, is easy when you trust a top distributor. SGW Sacramento has installation accessories to align, secure, and smooth your synthetic turf. We empower you with the tools to create flawless lawns.

Artificial turf distribution provides landscapers with installation accessories like turf stakes, seam glue, weed fabrics, and drainage grids. Keep your lawn fresh and clean with synthetic grass cleaning products from leading distributors like SGW Sacramento.

At SGW Sacramento, we offer installation guidance to help homeowners and landscape artists create picture-perfect landscapes with artificial grass.

Quality Synthetic Grass Products from SGW Sacramento

When creating picturesque lawns, an artificial turf distributor is your best friend! SGW’s exhaustive 50+ product line offers premium synthetic grass in Sacramento, CA. We’re the one-stop shop for home and business owners seeking artificial turf products.

We simplify artificial grass distribution with a direct delivery business model and same-day shipping. This saves you time and money on your artificial turf projects. We offer a range of synthetic grass with rich hues, lifelike textures, and varied lengths to suit your needs.

To find the artificial turf products you need, call SGW Sacramento at 916.797.0682 or contact us online for a free quote!

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