Who Benefits Most From Buying Artificial Turf Wholesale?

February 17, 2023

Demand for artificial turf in Sacramento is steep. With more and more places to purchase landscaping materials, it’s no surprise that choosing a supplier can be overwhelming.

One thing that’s easy to decide on is ordering from a wholesale artificial grass distributor. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we believe there are five groups that can benefit tremendously from buying synthetic grass wholesale.

Sacramento Landscapers

Sacramento landscapers are installing more artificial grass now than ever before. Contractors can save significantly by ordering from a wholesale artificial turf distributor.

Wholesale artificial grass distributors can offer more affordable prices because there are no middlemen to drive up costs. With factory-direct price points, landscapers will enjoy a higher profit margin on their installation projects.

Landscaping Supply Stores

If you run a landscaping supply store, ordering from a leading wholesale supplier will make you the go-to destination for local contractors and homeowners.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we provide Sacramento with the most advanced artificial grass technology in the industry. We’ll keep your shelves stocked with the market’s most lifelike, durable materials.

We remain on the cutting edge of the industry, with features like UV-resistant pigments and AirDrain technology. Our landscaping products and installation accessories will have customers returning to you again and again.

Construction Contractors

Artificial grass is gaining popularity everywhere, from residential areas to commercial businesses. By ordering artificial turf wholesale, construction contractors can save money and time waiting for supplies to come in.

Interior Designers

Once reserved for indoor sports fields, artificial turf is now a popular material in interior design. From garden walls to indoor putting greens, synthetic grass is a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to create unique and functional interior spaces.

Ordering artificial turf wholesale helps interior designers keep their projects within budget. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento, we carry a beautiful selection of artificial turf products that are sure to impress your clients.

Sacramento Home and Business Owners

Prefer to DIY your landscaping renovations? If you’re installing artificial turf for the first time, look no further than Synthetic Grass Warehouse Sacramento.

Our team has extensive experience in artificial turf, and we’re always willing to help in any way we can. We’ll ensure you find the perfect materials for your project, as well as the tools and equipment you’ll need for a flawless installation.

For more information, visit us online or give us a call at (916) 797-0682. We look forward to providing you with free turf samples and a complimentary quote for your next project!

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