Why Your Dog Hates Natural Grass — And Why They’ll Love Pet Turf

December 28, 2023

Pet owners in the Rocklin and broader Sacramento area should consider pet turf for their home landscapes. While natural grass seems like the better option for your pets, there are various reasons why a natural lawn might deter your furry friends.

Natural grass has many complications for dogs, including some that threaten their health and well-being. Synthetic pet turf is specially engineered to eliminate each of these risk factors. The result is a private paradise for your pets.

Read on to learn why dogs stray away from natural grass and why artificial turf in Sacramento is the right choice for you and your pets.

Wet Grass

Wet grass can make for an uncomfortable environment for your dog to play in. After heavy rains, you may notice your pup avoiding the outdoors. This problem can lead to your dog going to the bathroom indoors or being generally uncomfortable.

Installing synthetic grass from a premium artificial turf manufacturer can solve your and your dogs’ problems. It is engineered to quickly drain water to prevent puddles and muddy paws while wicking moisture off fibers. This creates a dryer, more comfortable landscape.

Even better, synthetic turf requires no water to maintain its lush, evergreen appearance. Save money on water bills and improve water conservation in Rocklin, CA.

Rough Texture

In hot Sacramento summers, lawns can quickly turn dry and scratchy, creating an uncomfortable landscape for your pups’ paws. Artificial turf products are engineered to beat the heat with soft, gentle fibers that maintain their smooth texture despite the heat.

Synthetic grass provides a reliably comfortable texture that protects your pet during playtime. Pet turf installed with AirDrain grids cools the surface temperature of your artificial grass landscape via improved airflow.

Keep your Sacramento lawn cool and comfortable for your dogs with synthetic grass products from SGW Sacramento.

Allergens, Germs & Pests

If you notice rashes, scratching or watery eyes, there’s a good chance your dog is struggling with allergens found outdoors. This is one reason pet turf has become popular with Rocklin and Sacramento residents.

Purchase high-quality pet turf before the spring arrives with all the allergens. Synthetic grass installed with weed blockers deters these allergen-producing plants. You’ll create a more comfortable landscape for your dog and allergy-prone family members.

Synthetic turf landscapes lack the organic nutrients and moisture that mosquitos, fleas and other pests need. Creating a pest-free environment will save your pet from bites and your family a trip to the vet.

Toxic Chemicals

Maintaining natural grass requires harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. While many of these are manufactured to be “animal safe,” this doesn’t guarantee their safety. Keeping up a beautiful lawn can often put your pup at risk.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance to keep its pristine appearance. You can ditch the harmful chemicals in exchange for a light rinse now and then. You’ll enjoy a luscious Sacramento landscape and peace of mind.

Give your pet the chemical-free paradise they deserve with quality products from SGW Sacramento, the premier artificial grass distributor in Northern California.

Synthetic Turf: A Pet’s Best Friend

Taking care of your dog means creating a landscape where they can be safe and comfortable. From gentle construction to dry, pest-free surfaces, synthetic turf products are your pet’s best friend. After installing, you’ll have a new problem—getting them to stay in the house!

SGW Sacramento is proud to be the premier artificial turf distributor for Rocklin, CA, pet owners. We provide quality turf products and insightful service from friendly professionals. We care about your lawn as much as you care about your dog.

Call us today at 916.797.0682 or contact us online to give your dog the backyard oasis of their dreams.

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