Fiber Technology

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we specialize in providing artificial turf products for all uses and functions. Whether you want a sprawling green landscape for your residential property or a high-quality sports turf that can meet the toughest physical demands, we have you covered. We ensure this commitment by manufacturing our turf products with the latest technology in synthetic grass fibers.

During our manufacturing process, we create different fiber shapes for our artificial turf, each with its own unique purpose and properties. It’s important for us to know you have everything you need to make an informed decision on which artificial grass product is right for you, so we’re breaking down the different fiber shapes we offer and what makes them all so essential to your synthetic grass needs.

3D Curvy “W” Blade

Quite possibly our most resilient turf fiber, our 3D Curvy “W” blade is built to withstand significant pressure and return to its original state after use, no matter the surface weight. Its design features several support points, creating a “memory” effect for enhanced durability. Our Cascade and Diamond lines of artificial turf products are great examples of the 3D Curvy “W” blade’s resiliency and superior performance.

“C” Blade

“C”-shaped blades are an excellent choice for maintaining aesthetic appeal in turf applications. The blade shape gives the synthetic grass a natural appearance while providing a softer, more enjoyable feel underfoot. If you want to see how the “C” blade is implemented, check out our Venice series of synthetic grass products!

Omega Blade

If you’re a pet owner, you’re aware of the challenges that come with maintaining your lawn after heavy pet use. Omega blades are our answer to pet owners’ woes! Omega blades are found in shorter pile heights for moderate foot traffic and significant hours of pet play. You can find our Omega blades in our Sierra series of turf products.

“U” Blade

If you like your artificial turf to have a fuller, more profound look and feel, our “U” blade shape is the choice for you. The curvature on the U-shaped blades is designed to create a visual feeling of added depth to your turf, especially when viewed from above. Check out the “U” blades in our Emerald series and enjoy the view from your balcony or roof deck!

“S” Blade

With its unprecedented ability to reflect less sunlight and give turf a more natural appearance, it’s no wonder our “S” blade is popular amongst homeowners and installers! Curved blades allow for an enhanced lush, green look unmatched by flatter artificial turf blade shapes, creating a softer feel underfoot. Its moderate resiliency is ideal for light to medium foot traffic, including residential landscaping using Everlast Turf Tacoma artificial turf.

“M” Blade

Owners of sports fields and athletic centers make our “M” blade shape their No. 1 choice for synthetic grass, thanks to its excellent durability. This revolutionary blade design allows pressure to spread across multiple points on the blade; the weight distribution prevents the blade from tearing, resulting in a longer-lasting synthetic grass product. Our Everlast Turf Riviera Pro artificial grass is the best way to experience the “M” blade shape for yourself!

Diamond De-lustered Blade

If improved aesthetics are more your concern, Diamond De-lustered is the way to go. This fiber shape is perfect for residential yards with low to medium foot traffic, prioritizing appearance over durability. Our TigerTurf Marquee Pro Natural features this fiber shape – check it out for yourself!

Oval Blade

Possibly the most commonly-used turf fiber, our oval blade shape gives you the best of both worlds – durability and aesthetics. This artificial grass blade is ideal for residential applications using our Sequoia series.

“C” Spine Blade

Similar to our C-shaped artificial turf blades, “C” spine blades are constructed with a reinforced back for added resistance and resiliency. These reinforced blades are perfect for residential and commercial landscape applications with moderate foot traffic, using Everlast Nature’s Best Turf.

Corrugated Blade

Like corrugated cardboard, our corrugated turf blades are built with resiliency in mind. This unique blade shape allows for enhanced recovery, especially with our Malibu series.

3D Curvy “W” & Curvy Ribbed “C” Blades

We’ve combined two durable, stunning turf blades to create the essential artificial turf fiber for moderate to heavy foot traffic. 3D Curvy “W” & Curvy Ribbed “C” are the ideal choice for commercial businesses or multi-family properties – find out for yourself with TigerTurf Platinum!

Diamond De-lustered & Mini Ultra Blades

If you’re looking for comfort without sacrificing durability, Diamond De-lustered & Mini Ultra is the turf blade you never knew you needed. We’ve combined the comfort and softness of Diamond De-lustered with the rigidity of our Mini Ultra fibers to create a synthetic grass blade that can withstand high foot traffic while remaining soft to the touch. Our Marquee Pro Natural turf features these blades and is perfect for commercial applications!

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